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A different perspective on Highway 413

November 25, 2021   ·   0 Comments


I think it is a given that we can no longer harness the growth of the GTA, so let’s plan all growth with the environment in mind.

The Region of Peel is expecting to grow by 700,000 people between now and 2051. We know that will also add a lot more vehicles to our roads. And as time passes, I am sure there will be more and more zero-emission vehicles on our roads.

But let’s assume all cars remained gas-powered vehicles between now and 2051. With 700,000 new residents in Peel alone, and we can only imagine how many more people drive through the region that don’t live here. This will add a lot more vehicles to our roads. New highway or not, they will come thru Caledon.

So, if there is no 413 then all these vehicles will sit in gridlock traffic throughout Caledon and neighbouring cities. If we were really conscious of the environment, would it not be better to get these vehicles through Caledon in less time and emitting less pollution?

I am on Dixie Road where there is no regard for speed, passing on a double solid line, or any road safety at all by so many Indy 500 wannabees. Do we really want this on so many of Caledon’s roads, or should we try to keep most traffic to a designated highway?

Brian Perras



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