“A Campaign Like No Other” 

September 16, 2021   ·   0 Comments

A campaign like no other would be one where all candidates only talked about their platforms, their agendas and how they plan to earn our votes. 

What do they bring to the table?  How they can honestly fix some of today’s real issues and problems. 

But all we are getting is more mud slinging than ever before, and the current incumbent is doing it the most, when the current government should be reviewing their successful report card over the last few years, and show us how their successful past agendas will continue. 

Oh wait, the current government doesn’t have one, so, Plan B: Let’s beat up the competition.  

And many current issues seem to surround all aspects of the cost of living, from home ownership, to rent and food….so what is our fearless leader doing? Trying to see if he can spend more of our money than the others, forgetting that it is our money that we will have to pay back, which will only raise our costs on everything down the road. 

He should have stuck with drama school and left monetary issues to smarter people. 

Brian Perras 



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