Protestors should be named and shamed, says resident

September 2, 2021   ·   0 Comments


The protests at Cappuccino Bakery in Nobleton, and the disgraceful protests at the Hampton Inn on August 27, were a horrendous smear on the reputation of the citizens of King and Caledon.

In Nobleton, unmasked protesters followed the PM into the bakery, threatening the health of everyone involved. But in Bolton, the Prime Minister of Canada couldn’t even speak to his supporters, opponents, or reporters and had to be rushed away by his security because the crowd was so violently insulting. 

I have seen the newscasts of this event and there are clearly identifiable people in the front rows – one woman screaming as she is holding up her middle finger to the PM, and a bearded man who looks like he came straight from Texas, or Alberta, or the Capitol Hill insurrection riots.

This crowd was almost certainly a combination of the Covidiot anti-vaxxer protestors who have plagued Bolton businesses since the pandemic began, combined with the alt-right evangelical republican cult conservative hate anything Liberal and Trudeau crowd that I wrote about years ago.

This was a disgrace to our Town and our democracy. These people need to be named and shamed. If our police couldn’t do the job of crowd control on Friday, they should at least clean-up the trash after the fact so that it never happens again.

Political protest is one thing. Mob violence is another. This one crossed the line.

Yours in intelligent democracy,

H. Skid Crease




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