Imperfect choice for Governor General

July 22, 2021   ·   0 Comments


In his Brock’s Banter, Mr. Weir rates the appointment of Ms. Mary Simon as Governor General as “perfect.”

I totally disagree.

Canadians in leadership positions must have a working knowledge of both official languages.

In her maiden speech, Ms. Simon dismissed nonchalantly her lack of knowledge of French, even though born in Quebec and familiar with the francisation issue over the past half-century.

Personal disclosure: I am fluently bilingual and since I arrived to Canada almost 60 years ago, I have followed Canadian politics, and while living in Quebec was deeply involved with the 1980 referendum “no” campaign with Claude Ryan.

It has been also noted that 10 years ago she was willing and ready for this job when Mr. David Johnston was appointed.

She had 10 years to learn French.

I am certain there were many other bilingual Indigenous leaders that could have been appointed.

Another gift to the Bloc/Party Quebecois and another miscalculation by our popular PM.

Art Hagopian




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