Historic partnership for The Pulpit Club

July 15, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Robert Belardi 

The Pulpit Club has partnered with Turf Care Products Canada and The Toro Company in a 10-year-deal, the first ever signing of something like this in Canada. 

Turf Care Products, which distributes irrigation systems and equipment through The Toro Company, will replace equipment as needed with products of their own. 

They will also be taking this time to showcase their products right on the 36-hole property. Future prototypes will be presented and other customers and clients will be welcomed to the premises to view them. 

“If there are any prototypes to come out, The Pulpit Club will be the facility to use to demonstrate those products,” said President of Turf Care Products Canada, Tim Trimper.

“We’re going to also use the club to show other customers what that world class product looks like. As soon as the irrigation system gets underway, with regards to the construction of it, we’ll be using the facility to show other customers the whole process of putting in an irrigation system.” 

Trimper, who acquired the 45-year business just two years ago, said a deal of this nature is excellent for irrigation systems. 

Normally, these products have a life-span of 20 to 25 years and if anything needs to be repaired or replaced it will be done through Turf Care. 

The new irrigation systems are well advanced in technology. Employees will be using computerized technology instead of lugging around a hose around the property. There will be more attention to how much water will be consumed and GPS systems will track where the course has been sprayed. 

Trimper added Turf Care and The Pulpit Club have been doing business for 30 years and this just adds more on top of what has already been done. 

“We supplied them with Toro turf equipment, Toro irrigation and Yamaha golf karts. By virtue of that, we’ve been doing business with these guys for a long time. Under new management for the last little while, they have an urge to rebrand the club. We thought it was time we sat with them and see if we can build on our relationship and try to do something that has never been done in Canada before.” 

The Pulpit Club, which recently rebranded from The Devil’s Pulpit Golf Association this year was established in 1990 and currently holds two courses in the top 25 in Canada. 

“It also showcases we are always trying to stay ahead. It showcases to the membership that we’re always going to try to have premier conditions and premier products,” said General Manager, PGA of Canada, Rob Roxborough. 

“One thing I like about this is we’re going to have industry leaders from across the country and with the rebrand we want people to come back and see the before and after picture of what it used to be to what it is now,” said Golf Course Superintendent Rob Wright. 

With a new vision moving forward, both Roxborough and Wright added this was also the right time to show everyone the new way of doing things. With this latest advancement in doing so, both gentlemen said there is a lot more coming both on and off the golf course. 

As of now, The Pulpit Club is working with Golf Canada to host a national championship in conjunction with the USGA. 



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