Planners need to have safety in mind on Airport Rd

April 1, 2021   ·   0 Comments

I’ve read about the proposed changes to Airport Road in Caledon East

I’m concerned about narrowing the current width of the traffic lanes.

I would think that this would result in more accidents. I’m not sure if there are any studies on the number of accidents for various traffic lane widths, but wider would seem safer.

I have no objection to having bike lanes, but not at the expense of more hazardous driving conditions.

Mayor Thompson has expressed his concern for ensuring that roundabouts are large enough to safely accommodate large vehicles. The same thoughts should apply to the width of traffic lanes.

The road through Caledon East is a necessary route for many travelers, so planners need to ensure their safety is not compromised.

Future plans should maintain the current road widths.

Larry Proctor




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