York United defender enjoying his first week in Sweden

February 11, 2021   ·   0 Comments

 By Robert Belardi 

Dominick Zator, A York United defender on loan with Swedish second division football club Vasalunds IF, earned his first start in Saturday’s 2-0 win over top-tier side Djurgarden. 

“The team played great. We were able to beat a top Allsvenskan side which people probably weren’t expecting,” Zator told The Citizen. 

“I thought I had a solid performance for my debut, so I’m pleased with that. It was just nice to be out playing games again.”

The former Cavalry FC defender signed with York United last week. Just shy of 24 hours later, the club announced Zator had agreed to a six-month loan with the Stockholm based club. 

In his first week in the Scandinavian nation, Zator says adjusting to life around him has been easy. He is currently living in a hotel just above a local mall and a five-minute walk from the stadium. 

He will continue to learn everything he can about Swedish football. He says he is continuing to learn more about his teammates. 

“The different styles of play. And also having to adjust to different styles of play and building that chemistry and that trust. Just the way the coach wants the ball to be played around. Different tactics,” Zator explained. 

“And also knowing how to adapt to different situations with the personnel you have in front of you. Kind-of try and pick up on those little triggers from other players to see that those are their benefits. If everybody can help each other and use everybody’s strengths that’s the best way to go forward.” 

The 26-year-old Calgary native has been one of the best defenders in the Canadian Premier League for the past two seasons. 

As much as he is a brick wall, he is also the greatest offensive centre back in the league.

According to Digital Content Editor Marty Thompson from the Canadian Premier League, Zator is quite the magician on set pieces. 

In combination of expected goals and assists from the dead ball – or, as he put it, “expected chances” – Zator’s 6.17 is almost double than the nearest defender close to him at 3.84. 

Zator also leads the league with 3,325 minutes played in the CPL. 

Even before his accolades became officially announced, Zator’s play garnered the interest of the senior men’s Canadian national team. 

Zator says being in the dressing room of the national team was a dream come true. He thanks his parents – immigrants from Poland – and his brother, for the immense amount of support they have provided in his journey. 

He modelled his game after Real Madrid stalwart and World Cup winner with Spain Sergio Ramos. 

In his youth, Zator was one of the smallest players on the pitch. He rotated between striker, winger and midfielder by all of his coaches, until he hit his growth spurt and transitioned to the back line. 

“In my mind, I always want to help the team going forward, if I’m still able to help from a defensive standpoint. Play defence and then right away help an attack be created. You win games based on scoring goals. That’s where you get the most joy, as well. For me, it’s what can I do to help offensively?” 

His six-month loan ends in June and Zator is expected to begin his two-year deal with York United then. 

He says he hopes to take everything he has learned from his European excursion and bring the added experience to York. He also hopes to earn his way through the ranks and permanently represent Team Canada ahead of the 2026 World Cup. 

York United fans can purchase a seat this season for just $1 today. No charges will be made until a schedule is created and until it is for certain, fans can return to the stadium.



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