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What was once known as the Devils Pulpit Golf Association has now been rebranded after being recently taken over by Longridge Partners Inc.

The Toronto-based investment firm bought the association last Spring. Since then, they have gone on to announce a new brand, grouping two highly known and popular golf clubs, The Pulpit and The Paintbrush, into one.

The goal, stated by the firm, was to newly represent the association rather than make a significant change. 

“The Pulpit Club isn’t just a new name—it represents a distinctly fresh approach to the private golf club market,” said president Mackenzie Crawford in a statement. “The partners in Longridge were members of the DPGA when we acquired it and we had a vision for the club and surrounding area. Great golf is at its core, but The Pulpit Club is about offering outdoor opportunities 12 months of the year and presenting a new membership structure to support that.”

Both the Pulpit and the Paintbrush are on the list of the top 25 golf courses in Canada.

The Paintbrush is ranked at number 10, and the Pulpit at number 25. 

In addition to the two golf courses, the area also includes an estate home as well as 500 acres of property, all owned by the investment firm. 

“Our goal is to create truly engaged social- and nature-oriented opportunities for members of The Pulpit Club, whether they are fervent golfers, outdoor enthusiasts, or families looking to escape to the incredible Caledon Hills for a weekend of exploring, scenic dining, and myriad other outdoor pursuits,” said Crawford.

The Pulpit Club is looking to create not only a place for golf, but for all members of the family.

“The engagement level of our members has increased dramatically. Whether you’re coming to the club for golf, dinner, play by the pool with your kids, or in the winter for snowshoeing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, or a campfire, this is your escape into a spectacular natural property,” said The Pulpit Club General Manager Rob Roxborough.

Included in the new brand is a membership program called the Partnership Membership, which is generational and allows members to have access to both golf courses as well as clubhouse, restaurant and other programs offered, all year-round. 

“Whether it is through our membership offering, the refined and relaxed atmosphere at the club, or the amenities and activities we’re offering, it is our goal to set The Pulpit Club apart in the market,” said Crawford. 

Which makes the Pulpit Club membership different than other club is the Partnership Membership provides an investment opportunity in the properties of both the Pulpit and the Paintbrush. 

According to their interactive website, “the investment is in the unparalleled properties of the Pulpit and Paintbrush courses, a hard asset value that secures the value of the membership, without exposure to operating expenses or capital assessments.”

“The rebranding is an exciting step, but only one of many to come for the club and this area of Caledon,” said Crawford.

To learn more about The Pulpit Club, visit their new website,



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