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Community comes together to raise funds for one special resident

January 14, 2021   ·   0 Comments



Members of the community have gathered together to raise funds for one local resident in need to support.

16-year-old Sam Spiteri was born with Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy and scoliosis. He has recently undergone surgery at Sick Kids hospital to ease pain he endures in his lower limbs, hips and back. 

Fortunately, Sam was able to make it home for Christmas and the holidays, but now the Spiteri family are dealing with his long-term care at home, along with therapy costs. 

A Go Fund Me donation page has been organized by members of the Spiteri family in order get help from the community to help Sam. 

The fundraiser states, “funds raised will be used towards remodeling his bedroom and washroom to be fully accessible. Further funds will be used for at home OT, PT and massage not covered by OHIP.”

Ward 5 Regional Councillor Annette Groves has been advocates for Sam and his family for the past decade and continues to support the family by encouraging the Caledon community to participate in fundraising. 

“I met Sam and his family about 10 years ago when I received a call from his mother regarding their concern with the Town of Caledon trying to take his pony away,” said Groves. “I received a call recently from his father regarding the surgery Sam had and they needed to raise funds for his therapy.”

Sam had pony that was used to help strengthen his legs, but due to complaints from local neighbours, the Town attempted to take the pony away. With the help of Councillor Groves, the pony was able to continue helping Sam. 

Councillor Groves has once again dedicated herself to helping Sam, now with donations.

“I reached out to some of corporate citizens and when I explained to them what Sam needed…they didn’t hesitate. We still [need] to raise money for him because we are about $10,000 short,” said Groves. “Sam’s parents also had to purchase a van with a lift to be able to transport him to and from therapy and other places.” 

Through the help of community members, Councillor Groves raised $11,000 to donate to help with Sam’s therapy and other needs he has. But due to the costly expenses of therapy, the family is in need of $25,000 in total. 

The Go Fund Me page has over $9,000 raised for the family but is still in need of more support.

Councillor Groves is encouraging members of the community to help the Spiteri family by making donations, no matter what amount, to help with the therapy expenses as well as living at home care expenses.

To help Sam and his family, visit and look up Sam’s Home for Christmas Fund to make a donation.



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