SSE 90 is making its case as the place to be for your child’s soccer development in 2021

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By no stretch of the imagination is it easy to find the right fit for your child. It’s an ever-growing affair, a relationship that seemingly tests the thinness of your patience as you slowly watch it piece itself together. 

Soccer parents might be able to vouch for this. Numerous questions can surface on the development of their child in a system that seemed to be, on paper, the perfect fit. And, if it isn’t, it’s hard to wade through academy websites and backstories intended to prove how each academy is number one. 

No wonder there can be a sense of feeling lost at some point.

In most cases, word of mouth marketing of academies might be trustworthy, and there are plenty academies now that offer credible insight into the beautiful game as your child aims to reach their full potential.

Moving into 2021, SSE 90 has been a reputable academy for young soccer players since its inception in 2013 and that is something owner Valerio Rocca wants you to know. 

SSE 90 has seen players head off to the United States on scholarship, one sign with Rimini in Italy and Mark Anthony Gonzalez drafted by Sporting KC in the MLS. 

Located in Southfields on the edge of Caledon, Bolton and Brampton, Valerio has been reconstructing the delivery of the program this past year.

Due to the pandemic, he’s had an ample amount of time. 

Throughout the summer months, his recreational and rep clubs were practicing three times a week and his academy created an intermural league within the club to keep his players engaged. 

“It also provided us with an opportunity to see who is serious about the game,” Rocca said. “Because a serious player is going to find a way to train no matter what.” 

With 175 players in the system, it was time to preen the business model and heading into this year, the academy will be introducing more to their system to enhance player development.

Veo cameras will be introduced for individual and collective analysis of both training sessions and games. Heart rate and GPS monitors by Beyond Pulse have been purchased. Reaction and cognitive training devices by Blazepod will be used to look at player responses. 

The academy will also introduce Playermaker, a device that tracks touches on the ball on both your right and left foot in a session and one that isn’t found everywhere. 

“Besides TFC (Toronto FC), we’re the only academy that provides this kind of software,” Valerio explained. 

SSE 90 currently holds a Canada Soccer Provincial Level 1 Club License. And despite the obvious of coaching and developing players within the academy for a professional route, college route or soccer for life route, Valerio is also investing in a parent education program. 

“Every quarter, we will hold a seminar with the parents on how they can help us. Parents play a major role. When you want to talk about high performance and a player, playing a major role in games, parents play a major role in that.” 

Every quarter, Valerio plans to bring in a health expert to discuss nutrition. Three times a season, the athlete will undergo fitness tests. And, if these assets to the program may not convince you to enrol your child in SSE 90, credentials are an added bonus. 

Valerio has been invited to complete his US Soccer Premier Diploma next year. In the past five years, he has completed his FIFA “A” Professional International Coaching License, Canadian National “B” License, Ontario Soccer Technical Director Diploma and is currently the Vice-President of the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada (NSCAC). 

So, when he began hiring his team, he said it wasn’t that simple. It takes a lot to trust somebody to enter the fold and comply with your ideologies and beliefs.

But, with his current staff, he believes this is the perfect fit. 

He hired goalkeeper coach Antonio Rojas first and then fitness coach George Bull. It didn’t take long for the reputation to circulate within the soccer community, leading UEFA license holder Geoff Strauch to join the staff, USA National B license holder Mario De Roia to come in and University of Nipissing player Julia Previte to come in for a youthful presence. 

For more information and registration on the website you can head to and contact Valerio Rocca directly for any questions for this upcoming 2021 year at 



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