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E-book “Blueprint to Recovery” a supplemental guide for better health

January 7, 2021   ·   0 Comments


Between process and recovery, there is a gap that, historically, has never been simple to bridge.

With fitness, there are ways that it can be. A recently published work from Quinton Nurse and Christopher Araya, The Blueprint to Recovery, can help make a difference in your daily life. It is all about the will power to make a difference. 

Still in the process of getting his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Caledon resident Quinton Nurse yearned for more knowledge and approached a registered massage therapist (RMT) teaching his physical therapeutics class for more information.  

Christopher Araya, RMT and owner of Araya Health Centre in Scarborough, won the 2019 Toronto Star Reader’s Choice Award for the best therapy clinic in the city. With the idea of putting something practical and symbiotic together, Araya knew who he could turn to discuss this. 

“I approached Quinton; he had a strong background in nutrition, but, for me, it was always interesting to talk to him. Quinton always shared some insight on nutrition and fitness and how I always preached massages. It was always integrated in the bigger perspective of health,” Araya said.

They shared intricate conversations on nutrition, fitness, and therapy. They both determined each of these three could not reach its full potential without the others. Fuelled by their own desire to make a difference, Nurse and Araya wanted to play a role filling a void in the health care and fitness industry they both felt needed to be addressed. Together, they co-wrote The Blueprint to Recovery. 

The e-book released last month is a practical and engaging 75-page informative work that is supported by their three concepts or “pillars.” 

It shares intricate detail on nutrition, exercise, and therapy with an emphasis on diet, restorative movement, and metabolism. 

“If your metabolism is way off, and the foods that you are eating contribute to inflammation; no amount of massage therapy is going to fix that. So, when one pillar is completely off, you won’t have success,” Nurse explained. 

For example, the body not only needs water to be hydrated but also needs water to properly function and perform. He also mentions that the foods that we consume are better off being consumed while there is daylight.

“The sun impacts your metabolism right down to your genes,” Nurse explained.

Research shows that bodily signals stimulated by the sun help the body use foods and can provide a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. The book will detail how to maintain your health throughout the winter months with less sunlight (and often less activity) per day, and how to use food timing to help recovery. 

As many workers experience working from home due to COVID-19, people continue to experience a shortage of movement. 

Nurse says the human body will adapt to its surroundings and, in this case, in a negative way. It›s a big part of how people come to experience pain and damage. This blueprint is in part a guide on how to diversify your movement to prevent negative adaptations. 

“I would view this book in the same category as an important supplement, because as a supplement to what you are currently doing currently, it isn’t meant to carry you all the way. More, it shows you what you need to go forward, sets you in the right direction, and stimulates your curiosity for betterment. And that’s what this book does,” Araya said. 

“It’s a gateway to the next step. It’s a checkpoint.” 

Further in, celebrity Chef John Abanilla crafted healthy recipes to get you started. 

Illustrator Anthony Nucifora showcases what movements you can do to ensure the body is steadfastly meeting its own demands and needs for activity. 

Combined with over 15 years of total experience between Araya and Nurse, the Blueprint To Recovery is designed for everyone. For those with everyday pain and injuries, and for athletes desiring to further pinpoint their problems and improve their longevity in the sport, this is the right read for them. 

At a time where everyone is still experiencing a step-back from life as we knew it, this is a good time to take a step-back and ensure your eating habits are proficient and your activity is optimized for you, if it isn’t already.

For more information on purchasing the e-book visit @arayahealth on Instagram and Facebook or at 

In their next phase, both Araya and Nurse look to collaborate to get this book into the hands of trainers and coaches. They look to further instill the methodology that if you have a routine and an active lifestyle, recovery needs to be part of your journey. 



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