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Local business gives back while coping with their own challenges

January 7, 2021   ·   0 Comments



Among other businesses in Caledon, Hugger Covers has had their fair share of struggles, but has still managed to give back to the community.

Hugger Covers, a local business located in Bolton, makes custom covers for cars, trucks, RVs, equipment and different machinery, at an affordable price. These Canadian covers are loved by a variety of customers, including car dealerships, car auctions and car shows, as well as your average, everyday customer who takes good care of their vehicle. 

Like so many other businesses, Hugger Covers was forced to make several changes to not only their day-to-day life, but for several events that happen each year. 

“It’s been a challenging year, to say the least,” said Marsha Giammattolo, VP Sales and Marketing. “Our primary business is our loyal dealers and customers, and from the 75-plus car shows and car related events, and the auctions and show that we also vend at, that we proudly sponsor – mostly across Ontario, some in the Maritimes and out West. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, none of these events happened this year.”

The covers business has additionally struggled with impacts to their supplier chain, several suppliers have changed their production, forcing Hugger Covers to look elsewhere for another supplier who will provide the materials and products needed to produce their product. 

“After 20 years with some of the same suppliers, many either, changed their production to PPE only, and therefore, ‘without notice’ stopped making our materials altogether; others could no longer supply us, due to shut down of factories and supply shortage,” commented Giammattolo.

“We have had to scramble to do much needed research for new material suppliers and sewing products, with some smaller needed supplies being purchased online, at very inflated pricing, with much longer delivery wait times,” she said. 

But throughout the struggles and challenges faced due to the pandemic, the team at Hugger Covers put the community and their safety first.

Back in the spring of last year, Hugger Covers began producing face masks for all frontline workers and others in need. 500 masks were developed and donated to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centres, shelters and other organizations committed to caring for the community. 

Since then, over 5,000 masks have been donated to members of the community and continue to do so through customer purchases.

“We donate two masks to our customers, and two masks to those in need living in shelters, missions, youth centres, those without homes,” said Giammattolo. “We also donate more intensely in times when this virus has reared its ugly head again to nursing homes and to many other that are in need of them.” 

The team has received non-stop support from members of the community amid the Face Mask Mission, with donations of supplies to be able to produce face masks. These include cotton materials, elastics, and even individuals to help deliver masks to different locations. 

The face masks are made in-house and come in adult and child sizes. Customers are able to choose whatever colour they would like, in addition to customizing with a company logo.

Hugger Covers has also began producing medical and non-medical gowns with several different materials to choose from. These too are made at the Hugger Covers location. 

Going into the new year, Hugger Covers aims to continue providing excellent customer service, and covers as they have always done, with the continuation of giving back to the community and those in needs with masks, clothing, blankets and donations to the local food banks. 

“We are very blessed to be able to carry on, and pay it forward,” said Giammattolo. 

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