York9 FC adds new goalkeeper, strengthens options in the net

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Markham, Ontario native Nikolaos Giantsopoulos became acquiesced in the idea of taking the long road. 

“I became a grinder, that’s what I’d like to stick to my entire career. Things haven’t really been handed to me. From a young age, I feel like I’ve earned everything that I’ve gotten and I think that mentality and going out all the way to Tazmania, in the middle of no where on the other side of the world on my own, it just had made me a lot tougher. I think because of how tough I’ve been, it’s given me the success I’ve had,” Giantsopoulos said. 

The 26-year-old goal keeper with quite the footballing journey, has recently been signed by York9 FC last week, joining old friend Nathan Ingham in between the pipes in a friendly bout for the number one spot. 

Both men, have known each other since they were 12 years old from Ajax SC and Just4Keepers training camp operated by Riccardo Greco and another coach who has always crossed his path in Camilo Benzi. 

Giantsopolous has seen it all throughout his young career. He attended Adrian College in Michigan in the NCAA Division III before transferring to Calvin College in the ranking. He deviated away from the interest of other NCAA Division I and II schools to make the move. 

In March 2016, he signed for Davenport City of NPL Tasmania; second tier of Australian soccer, prior to moving to Broadmeadow Magic in the NPL Northern NSW and finally capped off his Australian courtship back in Tasmania in Lauceston City. 

It was then one of his best buddies Sergio Camargo facilitated the opportunity to join Cavalry FC’s tryouts out west and he officially made his move to the CPL two years back, recording 10 appearances, with four clean sheets and eight goals conceded in two seasons with the club. 

York9 FC were the first team to call when he decided to test free agency this offseason. 

“I felt like this spot was there to take the number one job and at the end of the day who doesn’t want to play at home. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be playing so when the opportunity to be a one and to also play at home came up, it was kind of a no brainer for me.” 

Giantsopoulos, looks to work alongside Ingham, who he says, is one of his best friends in the sport. 

He will also be reuniting with Benzi once agai. He is eager to learn from Benzi’s South American goalkeeping style at a professional level and will bring a “sponge-mentality” in this new environment.  

Although he is joining the club, Cavalry FC knocked out of contention this year from the Island Games, there is a sight for sore eyes within the Nine Stripes’ clubhouse. This might be the best goalkeeping tandem in the league. Managing Consultant Angus McNab seems to think so and so does Giantsopoulos. 

“I can’t see any other goalkeeper duo beating us. But to be fair, this league has a lot of really good goalkeepers. It’s just whether who can show at the right moments. It’s a tough position to be a goalkeeper. But, yeah, I’d put me and Nate up against any other duo, but in saying that, I expect every other duo to say they’re the best duo as well,” Giantsopoulos said. 

In any case when two number one keepers are on the same roster; needlessly to say, there’s a competitive edge within the side for the starting spot. In this case, it is a friendly one as Giantsopoulos is eager to compete with Ingham; it’s nothing new. He did come to this team to be the number one that is. 

To say York9 FC might have the best tandem in the league, is a fair argument. To say there isn’t enough stats to back up this claim at the moment; since goal keepers have been on the move all the time in the past two seasons, is also justifiable. 

Waiting until next season’s end would be the right call. Maybe a while longer. But for now, York9 is going to train two top keepers in the fight for a number one spot and that right there, could be the x-factor in seeing the best out of these two life-long friends. Now, that’s something to watch. 

Giantsopoulos thanked Tommy Wheeldon Jr. and the Cavalry FC organization for his time with the club. 



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