How improving mindset & exercise will enhance your views on winter

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It all begins with your mindset. How you view the world and what comes with it. And then comes your actions, and how you handle it. 

This Winter might be long according to reports. But that’s just from reports. It doesn’t need to be long or tedious or stressful, as long as you, don’t make it to be. 

“Really condition your mindset for success. If you just want to work on yourself. You get those negative thoughts and immediately turn it around with, I can do this. I am healthy. I am wealthy. Turn those thoughts and that’s even what you’re aware of, that’s not what you’re not aware of what you’re processing,” said Master Coach and Hypnotherapist for Anchor Your Success, Teresa Scaini. 

Human beings process an estimated 60 to 80-thousand thoughts a day, cycling between the subconscious and conscious mind. There are ways to relax the mind such as Binural Beats according to Scaini, that will have a positive impact on your brain-waves. She says, five minutes of meditation per day can influence a better thought process. 

A positive mindset may be the best counter-punch to the current pandemic. But not by itself. A consistent supporting cast will be a great asset. 

That’s where exercising enters the picture. Peel and Toronto entered a modified stage two on October 9 and York Region has ented the same protocol on October 19. Amongst the 28-day shutdown, gyms have been closed once again. 

Who knows if a 28-day shutdown is all that will come. It could be more. Remember school announcements at the height of the pandemic? A two-week closure after March break subsequently became a 6 ½ month affair. 

If gym’s will be closed for much longer, it’s time to either ramp up your work out set or improve your daily routine. 

“A lot of that (hypnosis) is really getting the mindset in the right condition and they’ll (people) will be able to exercise. It’s a circle. Endorphins boost the mindset and your work on your mind (away from exercising.” 

So how do you approach an exercise routine this year that will benefit you? It’s a perpetual question, with a blissfully, well-rooted response. It’s rather simple really. 

“Try to understand why people are so hesitant? Sometimes getting up and exercising can be overwhelming,” said registered psychotherapist Carrie Mazzei from Journey 2 Freedom. 

“If you set small goals for yourself so maybe it’s not heading out and going for a sprint. Maybe it’s walking around the block.” 

Exercising can be 20-30 minutes per day. It doesn’t have to be over an hour and purely intense sessions that motivate you less. 

Getting your body moving along with a healthy diet also improves immunity. It was found according to the “Journal of Sport, Health and Science” written in 2019, exercising can improve, “immunity, lower illness risk and reduce inflammation,” as per 

Scaini says illness is also something deep-rooted in the subconscious mind. What you think is how your body presents itself. 

And then, there’s the positive mental effects further supporting positive thinking. Chemically your body releasing endorphins is an excellent aspect. 

“Exercise in general if we’re talking more about the body, increases blood circulation to the brain. That specifically activates and controls our motivation, mood, fear-response, stress and even memory,” said Sareena Cagliuzun, a Social Worker with Journey 2 Freedom. 

Whether it’s a walk, or a sport, or tobogganing, we’re Canadian. Winter isn’t a rarity. It’s weather we’re used to and we know to handle it. 

This might be the time to get out there and find ways to move, in some capacity for people of all ages including children. 

The Caledon Citizen sent out a post to The Town of Caledon Community Facebook page, asking patrons what their views are on the importance of exercising this Winter and one mother, expressed her concern for her 4 ½ year-old daughter. 

“Even though we make a concerted effort to not discuss it in our house, our child still picks up on what’s happening. I see how she worries. These kids have been thrust into a world of excessive hand sanitizer and face masks,” wrote Caledon resident Shannon Friesen. 

With reports last week emerging many people are experiencing COVID-19 anxiety, Cagliuzun, Mazzei and Scaini all say to continue to tune out the negativity and encourage parents to continue to set the tone in the home. 

“Make it about family connections. Do activities they enjoy, make them involved in coming up with ideas. Tobogganing, skating, exploring, pack a picnic or make a scavenger hunt. For them you don’t have to make it about exercise make it about connection. Which is what children really need right now. It’s what we all need right now,” Mazzei said. 

Cagliuzun lives in an apartment building. She has been connecting with her neighbours more now than pre-COVID. She goes out for social distance walks with them and that’s something to consider for people in the community. Head out for a social distance walk. Take the children and connect with friends from school while adhering to protocols and health measures. There are ways to work around this for everyone. 

Caledon resident, Roblyn Zimmerman spoke with The Citizen in response to the Facebook post over the phone. Her Caledon Hills Pilates Studio has been closed for the second time this year due to COVID. 

She said, a lack of social interaction has seemingly, almost become an aberration. She will be hosting ZOOM classes for her Pilates and will leave the microphone on for all of her clients to interact with one another during the session from home. You can reach Zimmermann for further details at 

Mindset, healthy diet, exercise, fun. All of these ideas is sinister to our well-being this Winter. An inundation of people have come forward from the Town of Caledon Community Voice Facebook page and here is what other people have responded with, with regards to exercising this Winter. 

“This winter (as well as just about every day) – I work out using the many YouTube workout videos that are available from the comfort and privacy of my home,” wrote Caledon East citizen, Kathleen Schaller Baggio. 

“My wife and I are in our late 70’s and adhere to the philosophy that “motion is lotion”. Accordingly, we walk 5 km each and every day. IF the weather is not suitable for outdoor we head to the walking track at Alder St. Arenas in Orangeville,” wrote Doug Beffort.  

“Living in Caledon on the escarpment we love to snow shoe, x-country ski, fat-tire bike (in the snow) and walk the trails on a regular basis. As an avid cyclist, I also ride indoors on a bike trainer to maintain things over the winter months. Caledon is a wonderful outdoor escape

for the winter blues and people just need to layer up and get out and enjoy the great outdoors,” wrote CEO of Innovative Finishing Solutions, Brad Sparkman. 

Now more than ever, is the time for everyone to exercise in some capacity. It would be unwary and unscrupulous not to consider it. 

Bears hibernate. Humans don’t. 

The human body wasn’t designed to be dormant. It was designed to move. Planting ourselves on to a soft-fabric material we call a couch, watching Netflix for hours on end isn’t the solution. It’s a detriment to our bones, muscles and mind-set and we can’t let that happen. 

Just remember something is better than nothing. That’s the start. Work with the bare minimum at first and build it up from there. After this Winter, you’ll thank yourself. 



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