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Lockdown - Part two


It should come as a surprise to no one that we are staring down the imminent possibility (can you use those two words together in a sentence?) of another lockdown, one I'm sure is to happen sooner than later. 

Human nature is a frustrating condition. Thankfully, in most people it brings out the best in them. Sadly however, for a select few, it brings out the very worst and it's during troubling times like these that the most frustrating element of all is the nature of the latter group impacts both groups. 

The “silent majority” must stay silent no longer – after all, the anti-maskers are busy gathering in the streets of Toronto protesting their right to abdicate their civic responsibility. It's high time the more civic-minded amongst us not only take a stand publicly but also advocate, equally loudly, that enforcement becomes more rigorous. When we are ALL going to end up confined to our homes once again because of the actions of a few – it's time to speak up. 

A part of me believes perhaps we were all just resigned to the fact that another wave of COVID-19 was expected and unavoidable. Perhaps we also just assumed we would hunker down in our homes again, like “last time,” for a few weeks and all would be fine. When the weather is lovely and backyards, playgrounds and beaches are open, it was easier to forget about what it felt like being stuck behind four walls for weeks. 

Lockdown Part One began as a two week “vacation” for many, puzzles were built, bread was baked and families spent some much needed time together. That is, if you were privileged, had a home, a secure job where you could work from home, were not an essential worker, did not rely on public transit or the food bank, or require shelter because you were living with an abuser. I have to wonder if those folks parading up and down Yonge St. last weekend have ever given a thought to anyone, literally anyone, other than themselves. 

How does it not occur to people that while you are healthy and have the time, energy, money and selfishness to walk with upwards of a thousand other like minded people, not wearing masks or socially-distancing, that YOU are a significant part of the problem and the reason we'll all be heading into lockdown again soon. What will you be protesting then? Perhaps it will be a relief to you? You'll be in your home and won't have to wear that darn little piece of cloth around your nose and mouth and you'll be free to spout off without hindrance and presumably “breathe easier”. 

At least you and your germ spreading will be confined – that is if you obey the lockdown parameters – something I'm pretty sure you won't do. Because just like not wearing a mask, you'll probably find reasons why lockdown doesn't apply to you either.

Our numbers are climbing drastically and there is a shortage of paper towels already. Paper towel? I'm guessing that's the new toilet paper of lockdown part two? 

No one knows why but that's what folks appear to be hoarding now – maybe in anticipation of having to clean up all the various things that will get thrown at one another in frustration as we're all cooped up with family during a long, cold winter. 

I'm surprised schools are still open, but don't worry, that will all change soon too. Hope you're prepared to home-school again. Don't blame teachers please, blame the anti-maskers, the summer party-goers, the folks who can but refuse to self-isolate after a possible exposure and all the “John Doe's” who visited strip clubs using fake phone numbers (is anyone really surprised by this) for the fact that the rest of us are staring down six months of stir-crazy. 

Because of pandemic parade protestors who refuse to believe the evidence, your grandparents will be lonely (if they're lucky) or sick, alone and dying (if they're not.) Your neighbour with a compromised immune system won't be able to get groceries safely – will you help them? Your children will miss out on school, socialization skills, sports and probably even minor little holidays like Halloween and Christmas – “no biggie” right?  

Hope you all enjoyed that beer at the overcrowded beach or crowded around the fire at your illegal backyard party out in the middle of nowhere at the Air BnB you rented. Selfishness knows no bounds and it's because of you we're staring down Lockdown Part Two. 

Hopefully, the other side (the selfless side) of human nature will stand up as it has done countless times before and there will be enough corporate and volunteer citizens to help stock the food banks, support women and families leaving domestic violence (good thing pandemic stress doesn't tend to cause an increase in abusive behaviour) and organizations that cater to seniors to help them through this second wave. 

Welcome to “Lockdown Part Two”. Enjoy your stay.



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