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CCS hosts program to support locals looking for a transition

September 10, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Caledon Community Services hosts several seminars, programs, and services that reach every part of the Caledon community over the course of the year, and now they’re stepping up to offer assistance to individuals who have found themselves out of work due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at CCS have seen the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has had on members of the community, whether it being their well-being, health and even jobs.

In order to continue their support in helping those in need, CCS has Second Career Info Sessions for anyone who has been laid off, or just simply interested in training for a new career. 

“Second Career Info Session is where anyone can join (at the moment- virtual) to understand how this government grant program works. This program is available to laid-off, unemployed individuals who require skills training to return to work in high demand occupations,” said Donna Cragg, Director of Communications at CCS. “During the session, participants will learn their eligibility, suitability and financial availability if they are interested in obtaining skills training.”

Participants also learn about application processes, research needed to be completed and the team at CCS even review any application forms that need to be completed and answer any questions. 

“Those who meet the criteria, will then work with a job coach on a one to one basis, and receive support and guidance during the application process,” said Cragg. 

The program is a government funded program. Back in 2008 the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, developed the program to support individuals who are unemployed or laid off and encourage them to transition into another field within the economy. 

“This is a great opportunity for any individuals in the community who are interested in transitioning their careers, but unable to afford themselves to upgrade their skills. Based on the individual household financial situation they will receive full or partial funding to obtain a certificate or diploma in the field of their training choice,” explained Cragg.

She added, “Once they are trained, they are better prepared to secure sustainable employment with their newly earned skills. Ultimately this leads to less unemployment rate in the community, a better earning, and better standard of livelihood in the community.”

CCS provided some service testimonials from a select few who describe the impacts the Second Career program has had for them. 

“My job coach led me through the entire process and I was accepted into the program receiving the majority of my funds to return to college. I was able to very successfully complete my ECE diploma in two years, and even earned a Silver Medal for academic excellence,” one local resident said. “Since then I have had multiple job offers, some from places I never even applied to. I became happily employed after I graduated, earning much more than I ever have before. If not for my job coach’s guidance, I don’t know if I would have thought that someone like me could be eligible to receive so much help to get back into the workforce. I am truly grateful for everything both she and Jobs Caledon have done for me.”

Another area resident who made use of the program stated, “I have PhD degree in Microbial Biochemistry and worked in senior level positions at different prestigious institutions. All of a sudden, when my previous employer decided to close the business, I had to start my job search all over again. My Job Coach started looking at ‘Second Career’ program and she helped me to narrow down my options and did a lot of work to put me on the right track. I had an impression that Second Career program is good for newcomers to hone up their skill, but I was pleasantly surprised to know that it is immensely useful for people from all walks of life. My sincere thanks to CCS, I am very grateful that now I have a great job and so much more confidence to move forward.”

The Second Career Info Sessions are held online through web meetings, where registration is required. For more info, visit 



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