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Town of Caledon launches new Community Recovery Plan

August 27, 2020   ·   0 Comments


The Town of Caledon released a Community Recovery Plan this week in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A variety of resources and relief support is included in the plan to help provide local businesses, the community, and different organizations with accessible services and information. 

The Community Recovery Team was launched in June to develop a plan to assist residents in the community in social impacts, and the best ways to recover from the pandemic. They also consulted with the public to gain more insight on what the community needs.

“We asked our businesses, not-for-profits and residents what needed to happen to make this community whole again, and we got a tremendous response,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. 

Caledon Council approved a list of actions that fall under the Community Recovery Plan on Tuesday (Aug. 25).

The Town plans to expand the Municipal, Agricultural and Community Grant Program by increasing the grant amount from $140,000 to $240,000 in 2021. The grant offers support and funding to community organizations. 

Rental fees for town facilities will be reduced by 50 per cent from August 4, all the way until April 12 next year. These fees include renting fields, pools, arenas, and function rooms. 

Caledon introduced a Shop Local Campaign back in April to support local businesses and encourage the community to shop locally. Beginning in September, the campaign will continue to be supported through online promotion and advertisements in local newspapers and magazines to help support and promote our local businesses.

The Town is expanding Caledon Public Library services to include volunteers delivered books to seniors choosing to remain in their homes. Drop-off and pick-up services will also be introduced for residents who aren’t able to visit the library due to challenges brought on by the ongoing pandemic. 

In addition, CPL will also be developing a referral program for a connectivity kit, which includes one laptop and a hotspot to allow those vulnerable residents to stay connected. 

Lastly, overdue library fines will be eliminated for those who are unable to pay their fines with the Caledon Public Library branches.

“Nobody knows for sure what ‘the new normal’ looks like yet, but this plan is a sign of how strong our community is, the faith we have in one another and the optimism we all share that things will get better,” said Thompson. 

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