Caledon Cyclones ‘ecstatic’ to get back to the top of the food chain

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Maintaining the number one status as the best ranked club in the country at the U-15 level isn’t quite as simple as you might think. 

It becomes quite gruelling to try and withhold a reputation by kicking the ball around cones in your basement without touching grass at all. 

For the past few months that’s what it was like for the U-15 Caledon Cyclones girls’ soccer team. Much to the appreciation of Manager Cosimo Mazzaferro, the girls were training extensively five times a week on Zoom calls, working on technical ability on the ball. 

The girls also participated in running and biking sessions which were tracked by the club. Mazzaferro says this method motivated the girls to be better. 

“They all can see what everyone else is doing. They kind of thought, ‘this girl has run five kilometres I have to run six,’ or ‘this girl ran five kilometres in 30 minutes I have to run it in 28.’ They motivated each other during the break as opposed to waiting for soccer to come back. We kept them as fit as possible. Now, there were different levels. Some girls were more engaged than other as is normal with any team. But for the most part, we had our Zoom calls we had 15 girls on the call consistently out of 20,” Mazzaferro said. 

Before the province shutdown, the goal was to win a national title. 

Not knowing the national tournament was going to be cancelled, the coaching staff continued to motivate the Cyclones to remain in tip top shape. 

Now, it’s all about revisiting the fundamental aspects of the game twice a week and rekindling chemistry on the pitch. It’s about enjoying cadences from the coaching staff, the sweet sound of the ball off the first touch and the jovial conversations amongst one another. 

One of the newest girls on the team, Eliana Rocha said this is one of the most welcoming teams she has ever been on and appreciates how well the girls connect on the field. 

“A lot of other teams kick and chase and I feel like that’s not how you are supposed to play soccer. I feel like we connect very well.” 

The striker/midfielder, transferred to the Caledon Cyclones this past season from the Woodbridge Strikers. She says, she wants to be a part of the “best of the best” in order to fulfill her future aspirations of one day, playing in the United States on scholarship. 

In practice, the girls are permitted to continue working on technical abilities while remaining as far apart from one another as possible. For the past four weeks, the club has been working on passing and moving drills. This past workout, the club finally saw some shots on target. 

The hope is with stage three, the girls are allowed to begin scrimmaging under the OSA rules. The next step is exhibition games which have yet to be considered. 

As the season moves forward with training, Mazaferro says he is awaiting a decision to be made for a tournament to be played in the Fall. Hopefully the decision will be made in the coming weeks. 

Cyclones player Hailey Greco, said she is thrilled to be back with the club and looks forward to finally getting back into game action. 

“I hope we get back to games. Besides that, I hope we can get back to training and back to where we were. Be that number one team that we were and I hope that we can get back on the field again and love what we do.” 

Currently, Mazzaferro and another coach Dimitrios Kalogerakos are looking for an experienced coach as a player or with NCAA experience.  

Kalogerakos says, they are simply looking for someone that is the “right fit” more than anything else. 

Tryouts will be held in September for a spot on the team. For further information, please contact Mazzaferro at 647-530-2937. 



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