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July 23, 2020   ·   0 Comments


In response to the recent increase in fireworks complaints throughout the Town of Caledon, I would like to ask the community to please keep safety and respect for your neighbour in mind.

I understand that during this lock down, and as restrictions are slowly lifting, residents want to participate in outdoor activities. Kids have been stuck indoors and many isolated from friends and family for about four months. Fireworks can be a way to have fun and pass the time.

However, while we have pulled together as a community and have done an amazing job in keeping each other healthy and safe, the increase in firework complaints are concerning to me.

Fireworks can present a potential for injury and severe burns if not handled properly. People don’t really understand that fireworks explode a far distance away from where they initially were set off, leaving other neighbours vulnerable and having to clean up the fallen debris.

Many complaints have been made for noise annoyances, from pet owners whose animals are frightened from the loud bangs, and children that are troubled with loud noises continuing all night. How can people sleep at night knowing that their house may burn down, or have their sleep interrupted while they must get up for work in the morning? We should not forget that during these difficult times, there is an increase in anxiety in an already-fragile environment.

I am asking residents, please consider your neighbours, your friends, your community before you embark on any other outdoor activity that impacts people’s lives and properties.

As fireworks celebrations are behind us, let’s all continue with the same kindness and consideration we have demonstrated towards each other over these past four months. 

Our Fireworks By-law #2016-102 does say that fireworks can only be set off on Victoria Day and Canada Day in any given year.  If fireworks complaints are to be made, residents can call the non-emergency OPP number: 1-888-310-1122.

One last note, as we move through summer and the future holidays, let’s get creative in our celebration activities and use other safer and respectful ways to celebrate. Let’s all consider one another and be a caring neighbour.

Fire Chief Darryl Bailey



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