Caledon Tennis Club ‘couldn’t be happier’ to open its doors once again

June 11, 2020   ·   0 Comments


On June 5th, every tennis court in Caledon was allowed to open. The impatient wait to see their courts filled with the joy of local residents, came weeks after golf courses opened their doors to the public. 

With restrictions in place, president of Caledon Tennis Club Terry Lawrence says he believes people are really excited to get going, after seeing a family out early on Friday at 10 a.m. while he was placing signs all over the lot. 

“I think people are excited to really just get going on this. They’re just eager to begin playing tennis,” Lawrence said. 

Since opening, the club will keep the washrooms and clubhouse closed while enforcing singles play unless a family is from the same home. 

“What we also did is put in a booking system. You can go online and you can see what courts are available and you can book your court online. That way when you get there, you’re not lingering around and you know the court is going to be there for you.” 

The club is promoting e-transfer payments as of now. Lawrence says he will accept cheques as well. He has not seen cash as of yet. 

Registration and memberships are now open. Lawrence was going to wait to discount memberships at the beginning of July by 20 per cent. With his opening coming in early June, he has begun this promotion now instead. 

A family membership is $130 and a singles membership is $80. 

“I think one other thing is important is that, tennis can be played at all ages. It’s a great way for people to get out of the house during this time that we’ve had. Tennis is fun and a wonderful form of distance.” 

For those new to the sport, Lawrence encourages new players to join the club. He says if you get out on the court and hit with someone that relatively knows how to play, you can learn a thing or two. He has encouraged athletes from other sports to try getting out on the tennis court. 

The club is offering private lessons at a limited capacity at this time. 

Currently, all of the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) tournaments are cancelled. Until there are further directions from the OTA there will not be large gatherings scheduled as of now. 

Lawrence has reached out to the OTA to seek further direction and has enquired if the association has a phased approach. There is no word from any representative, however, on a positive note, tennis is back in town. 



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