Bolton Brewers coach ‘will be happy to just play ball’ this season

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The Bolton Brewers will be happy to play whatever ball they can get as the team awaits further news from the North Dufferin Baseball League, head coach, Mike Wallace says. 

The Brewers continue to anxiously wait for further directions from the league amidst some suggestions on what could be happening for the league this year. 

“The league executive sent out emails to the coaches, basically saying once everything is cleared, we’ll come up with a plan,” Wallace explained. 

“I know there has been whispers of doing a July schedule, where we play each team once as opposed to a home and home, so, we have a shortened schedule.” 

With a July start, Wallace anticipates slightly more than half of the season to be salvaged. Doubleheaders can be held each weekend to speed up the process. In one weekend, a quarter of the season can be finished and in August, the hope is for the playoffs to resume as scheduled. 

But that’s just the rumours. 

Wallace says most permits have been cancelled until July. As of now, nothing can be done until then. 

The players, have been individually staying in shape for now. It is quite difficult to practice swings without a batting cage and throwing is limited. The team has been sure to keep in touch to see how everyone is handling this current situation. 

Right now, the team would have already competed in some exhibition games and the season would be right around the corner. With the weather somewhat decent, Wallace says it has been frustrating for everyone. 

“There’s a lot of frustration. At the same time the guys are itching to go. I’m being positive, we’ll take any kind of ball. If it’s ten games, twelve games, fifteen games, we’ll gladly take whatever we can get.” 

As a fan of sport, it has been a whirlwind as of late. In the middle of May, playoffs in both the NBA and NHL are most likely in their second round of action. 

Wallace, a season ticket holder of the Toronto Blue Jays, has been hearing Major League Baseball is targeting a July return as well. 

He is unsure if fandom of sports will go back to normal until a vaccine is produced. He believes, eventually at some point, fans must return to the stands, whether this year or the next year. 

“I don’t foresee it happening this year unfortunately,” he said ruefully. 

In some positive light, the awards of recognition in March saw the Brewers name written all over it. 

Head coach and player, Mike Wallace tied for coach of the year with New Lowell Knights head coach Brandon Norrie. Wallace, as a player, won the best on base percentage in the league (.659) and won the most runs award with 38. 

Brewers catcher, Carter Burnside, won catcher of the year.  

The Brewers came off an excellent 2019 campaign, losing in the finals against the Knights for the Strother Cup and tied for the league’s best regular season record with the Ivy Leafs at 20-5. 

The club, looks to earn their 7th Strothers Cup victory this year. 



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