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Local martial arts academy providing online classes for students

April 9, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Canadian Black Belt Academy in Bolton has been providing online classes for students to continue their martial arts training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has seen several academies, training classes and other businesses to close physically, forcing them to temporarily suspend programming, or try to find a solution by using online resources. 

“We are not running on-site classes,” explains Jason Figliano, owner and head instructor of Canadian Black Belt Academy. “Our membership has decreased, however we have students who are supporting us throughout this and maintaining an active membership to make sure there is an academy to come to when this is over.”

Canadian Black Belt Academy has been open since Oct 26, 2013, but Figliano has been teaching martial arts since 2004. 

“Martial Arts has always been a passion of mine. I started when I was seven years old in Karate. I earned my black belt in Karate and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and currently hold a fifth-degree black belt in Karate and second-degree black belt under Jiu Jitsu legend Royler Gracie,” he explains. “After watching the positive influence, it can have on both kids and adults, not only mentally but physically, I decided to pursue a career in it.”

The academy provides classes for kids and adults, varying in different ages. Some of different classes and services they are providing include, age specific at home training, live virtual classes, one on one lessons, testing tutorials, free parents’ night, different fun challenges, weekly art contestsand daily activities

They have set up boot camps and special nights for once the academy is able to open their doors again. 

“We are professionals that go beyond punching and kicking to provide kids and adults with the physical, emotional and psychological needs of today’s society,” said Figliano. “Our academy has always been that of a service to students.” 

The academy is a place for children and adults to not only build physical skills, but to develop confidence and leadership. Figliano travels around the world to Martial Arts Business Seminars teaching to help him grow, alongside his business. More importantly, Figliano strives to do what he can for the community here in Caledon. 

“We have offered tuition when students were in a place of financial strife. We give out scholarship’s programs for those in need of reduced tuition. We have raised thousands of dollars for charities, donated thousands of pounds of food and toys to our community,” he said. “We work tirelessly for the students and have won Best Martial Arts facility in Caledon since 2013, Best small Business award 2013 and 2014, Best in Customer service 2015 for over 15 years. We have dedicated ourselves to the betterment of our students and community with integrity and compassion. It is our honour and privilege to fill lives with such purpose.”

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