Extreme measures provide great learning experience

March 26, 2020   ·   0 Comments

by Mark Pavilons

The extreme measures being taking across the globe to curb the COVID-19 virus offer a massive, world-wide learning experience.

There’s no question were are living in a very different world.

When the dust settles on this pandemic we will evaluate and analyze all of these actions and create a future game plan. Perhaps, as scientists test new vaccines, we may reap the benefits of these tests, procedures and experiments.

This is unprecedented in the world. Yes, COVID-19 is new and spreading around the globe. Our species has seen this before – ARS (a form of coronavirus), MERS, Avian flu (H1N1, 2009), Hong Kong flu (1968-69) and the devastating Spanish flu of 1918-1920.

“Eerie” is how I’d describe the almost barren landscape. It’s almost as if those apocalyptic scenarios are playing out for real. While I did stay in for a few days, I did venture out for some essentials.

People were in pretty good spirits and happy to chat – t a distance of course.

I applaud the tireless efforts of retail and food chain workers to replenish supplies, but it will take some time yet to see the shelves full again.

There’s no question we will make it through relatively unscathed. We are a resilient lot, we humans.

The most recent measures – mass closures and limits to public gathering of any kind – re meant to contain the spread of the virus. It’s much like cutting off the oxygen to a campfire. It will likely do just that in the coming weeks.

Scientists are also working tirelessly to come up with a “cure” or at least a vaccine and some say we are very close.

I think one of the reasons COVID-19 become the hottest news of 2020 is our access to information. We are in a different place than we were decades ago, with access to up-to-the minute information from around the globe.

Just as the virus is spreading fast, news and yes “fake news” is spreading just as fast. I heard from several reputable sources that stupidity is spreading even faster! In all of this, it’s important not to let fear govern our actions.

Further, our means of detection, confinement, quarantine and yes, treatment, are amazing these days. We can also share medical information and measures with our counterparts all around the world so we’re all on the same page. That’s huge in the fight against any virus.

For the healthy in our society, you may not even notice COVID-19 if you or your loved ones contract it. If you do, symptoms are typically minor and healthy people will fight it off.

In a few weeks, when we’ve curtailed the virus, this will seem like a bad dream. But it will provide plenty for all of us to think about and analyze.

It’s also a massive wake-up call for good hygiene, hand-washing and sanitization, something public health officials have been pushing for decades to fight the common cold and flu. These lessons may stick with us and help improve our health in the long-term. It will likely help restaurants, hotels, arenas and public transportation clean up their acts and implement more rigorous sanitization.

If you think about it, we may be entering our cleanest period in history!

If these practices spread to the home front, all the better. We could likely use better disinfection and cross-contamination measures in our own kitchens.

Yes, this will continue to impact society and commerce around the world for months, maybe years, to come. Some cities and countries are financially strapped as it is, so I don’t know how their economies will ever recover.

As our prime minister and premier assured, measures and money are there to help keep our economy moving. I hope citizens appreciate the regular appearances by our leaders in providing updates and help for our workers, businesses and families.

Now is the time for some good, “old-fashioned” home cooking! Make it a shared experience and get back to sitting around the dinner table together as a family. Keep ordering take-out to support local businesses!

For school students in Ontario, they’re in the midst of an extended holiday. But it’s not much of a vacation if you can’t go anywhere. My belief is this will spell the end of the current academic year.

For university students, my daughter included, their semesters will continue online. They will graduate, but ceremonies will likely be cancelled. It’s sad to think that thousands of students won’t be tossing their hats into the air this year.

Yes, there is a “silver lining” in all of this.

Neighbours are helping neighbours; strangers are offering delivery services to those self-isolating. Local grocers and business people are pitching in where they can.

This show of support is reassuring. In the midst of turmoil and uncertainty, it’s nice to know our faith in humankind has not been misplaced. Keep it up folks!

I’m still at it because the news never sleeps. The paper will continue to be printed and delivered. Our team will do our best to bring you all the stories of the day, and updates of the COVID-19 measures locally. And please let us know about those Good Samaritans in our midst.

My thoughts and prayers for everyone out there!



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