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Local pet rescue seeking volunteers and donations for animals in need

March 26, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Local pet rescue group, Donate a Paw, differs from other animal organizations who are dedicated to saving and caring for animals who haven’t had the best start to life. 

Two years ago, Megan Chiodi began Donate a Paw, first as a food bank for other local rescues before it grew into it’s own rescue organization in the Spring of 2019. 

“We got a call regarding an abandoned bunny on a Caledon trail, so I took her in. I have a degree in animal care as well as experience working in shelters and vet hospitals. With my experience and passion for animals, I decided to take her in and raise funds for her treatment, as she was sick, as well as find her a new home,” said Chiodi. “After we took in the bunny, we had other requests to help them out with re-homing animals. Days later, I decided that I could make a difference in the world and help animals in need.”

From then on, Chiodi made it her goal to grow as a rescue, and created a foster program, building a website and social media presence to assist with the adoption process. Donate a Paw is a foster-base rescue, meaning that the animals in the Donate a Paw care, are being taken and cared for in volunteer’s homes. 

“We find, most of the time, an animal is less stressed in a home environment, and that, often, the animals need more of a one on one time experience with people in order to be confident again and earn human trust,” explained Chiodi. “We have had some animals who have never been handled or have had a bad past and our amazing foster team is so good at being patient with them and slowly showing them that we care for them, that later on that animal warms up and becomes lovable and cuddly.”

Currently, Donate a Paw is only taking in cats, bunnies and other small animals as they don’t have the room for dogs. Chiodi is still in the process of working with the Ministry of Canada to become an official registered rescue, which will open more doors for growth and opportunities for the organization. 

The rescue is constantly looking for assistance, whether in volunteers or just simple donations for the animals in care. They encourage anyone who is looking to help the rescue and the animals, to consider donating cat or small animal supplies, provinding monetary donations to help pay for veterinary bills, help transport animals, and most importantly, fostering. Especially during the hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the rescue. We had to cancel all upcoming fundraiser events, adoptions have been slow and it’s been difficult for fosters as everyone is being self-isolated. Donate a paw has decided all adoption meet and greets will be held over a video conference or live video on social media, all adoption paperwork is being done through email and to those who have been approved for adoption, they will only be able to pick up their adoptive animal from the front door of foster homes to avoid any unwanted germs,” said Chiodi. “We are hoping once things clear up we can eventually get back to normal and have regular meet and greets and tons of events. We have been waiting patiently to roll out our summer events, it will be nice when we can start again.”

She added, “Everyone donating during isolation means so much to us as we always have sick animals needing treatment, as well animals who need the proper health care before adoption and without events or supplies it puts us in a difficult position.”

Donate a Paw is not a first come first serve rescue, and is thorough with their applications and adoption process to prevent any errors from occuring, and to make sure the home and the animal are right for each other. Chiodi continues her work helping as many animals as possible, even with doubts thrown her way.

“I’ve heard many people tell me, ‘you can’t save all of them.’ And my response is, ‘you’re right, I can’t save all of them. But for that one animal that we do save, it’s a life changing experience for them,” she said. 

For more information about Donate a Paw, or to donate your time or supplies to the rescue, please email, or check out the Facebook page. 



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