Regional boys and girls compete in annual Free Throw Competition in Aurora

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Young boys and girls competed in the Regional Free Throw Competition, hosted by the Knights of Columbus at Ecole Secondaire Catholique Renaissance high school in Aurora last Saturday. 

Children from Aurora, Alliston, Beeton, Caledon and other cities, from ages nine to 16 attended. 

With 15 regions in Ontario alone, the winners of each age group will be compared to winners in over 60 jurisdictions between Canada and the United States. The highest score will determine the winner and if there is a tie, it comes down to a coin flip. 

Parents and other family members arose from their Friday night slumbers to get their children on the court as early as 8:00 a.m. for warm up. The nine, 10 and 11-year-old boys and girls simultaneously competed, using three baskets on each side of the gym. 

The early rise didn’t seem to affect the children. There were some sharpshooters that morning who had their sights set on bringing a trophy home. 

Nine-year-old, Aurora native Vanessa Lima from St. Jerome Catholic school finished third in her competition. The other Aurora native, Matteo Romanino won first place in the boy’s group. 

As the 10-year-olds were announced to come up and claim their prize, Richmond Hill native Skye Ruetas and King City’s Ethan Geraci took home the gold medal. Nicholas Brozina-Ramos from St. James School in Tottenham, fell short of the top prize after sinking 23 of 25 baskets two weeks prior. 

Finally, the 11-year-olds got their time to shine. Oro-Medonte resident Lily Balaisis and Bolton competitor from Holy Family School, Ethan Edelenji walked away with gold also. 

After a short break and to commence a smooth transition from the younger children to the other children, the 12-year-old competitors and above with their families flocked into the gym to warm up. 

These children came into the day, with an avid volition to leave the arena with a perfect score. It was seemingly accomplished; at least, judged by the naked eye. 

Once the age groups were complete the medals came forth. 

Ziannah Encila from Brampton and Nathan Shamana from Maple won the gold in the 12-year-old group. Tottenham resident Emily Turco; who won at St. Michael’s a few weeks back, finished with a bronze medal. 

In the 13-year-old group, it was an entertaining finish. Isabelle Milne walked away with the gold. As for the boys it came down to a three-way tie in the end, requiring an intense playoff round. Each shooter steps up the line to take five free throws. Whoever makes the most, is victorious. 

James Mendoza came away with the victory, with a flawless playoff round. 

As the ages went up, the participants went down. There were not students to generate a full competition in each age group. 

Natasha Griffith beat out Alliston native Tamara Sommer, and Ethan Vaz won it for the boys in the 14-year-old competition. 

The last few winners, included 15-year-old Juliano Prosperi and Orangeville native, Alyssa Trushinski. 

The Knights of Columbus always encourage high school students to contact their elementary school should they wish to participate. 

Convenor Tim McGrath, described what it’s like to be a part of the Knight’s and the satisfaction that comes along with helping the community. 

“I find a great benefit of joy, when I help out a community that needs it more than most who can stand alone by themselves,” McGrath explained. 

McGrath went to add on the Knights are interested in hosting this competition for the Paralympians in the near future. 

If you are interested in being a part of this free throw competition, speak with your elementary school to find out more information on when the qualifiers are held. 



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