Another great year of girls hockey at Mayfield

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There’s a sense of relief when a team of girls from Mayfield Secondary School slide on their sweater each year.

They know, due to the quality of the school’s hockey program, that they will be in with a chance to win something each and every year; not tuck your head through the top of the jersey and your arms through the sleeves for the sake of doing it. It’s an opportunity and a privilege, to further enhance your high school life and walk away from your four-year story with a great memory. 

After the girl’s division one hockey team lost in a shootout to St. Marcellinus 4-3 last week, head coach Jon Forbes spoke on the phone with the Caledon Citizen, to reflect on what it’s like being a part of this hockey program. 

“During my time here, we’ve always been in the hunt,” said the 14-year head coach. 

He added, “We made semifinals this year, I think we made semifinals the year before. We were in the finals the year before that. So, we’re always top four.” 

In the first game of the season, Mayfield took the ice without their number one centre and their top defenceman, against St. Marcellinus. 

With a 4-0 loss, the girl’s and coach Forbes, were glad that Carly Gout and Emily Ignagni came back to the lineup.

In the next three games, the girls scored 16 goals. 

“You start to solidify line combinations, defence pairings, you start to piece together the power play, you start to look at who you’re leaning for, for special teams. When those girls came back that’s when we started to really roll,” Forbes said. 

In the new year, Mayfield won by one goal, against a tough team; St. Aloysius Gonzaga. This one goal game, painted the perfect picture. It showed the team what it really took to beat a big team, in a close game without mentally and physically, breaking down. 

Up until the playoffs, the girls faced a tough test against St. Martin at home losing 4-3 and ending the five-game winning streak. 

This loss did not stultify the mentality in the dressing room. It placated those who were frustrated, to know the team would have another chance in the quarter finals for redemption. 

Mayfield won the highly anticipated contest 4-3 to advance to the semifinals. 

“The girls bought in, especially at the end of the season. Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them play so hard,” Forbes described. 

Forbes said that Martin was close to scoring in the end. Mayfield held on and eventually sealed it in overtime. 

“It was an eye-opener for a lot of teams to see us do that.” 

This moment, was where the girls could grab a hold on to the euphoric feeling, of getting revenge; or at least, that is what you think is going to happen. 

Mayfield got off to a hot start in the semifinals heading up 2-0 against Marcellinus. As Forbes explained, this team is no pushover. They are one of the best teams in the province with arguably the best player. 

St. Marcellinus came back and the game headed into overtime tied at 3-3. 

Mayfield dominated the overtime period and couldn’t find the back of the net. The end of the overtime, led to a game of chance, in the shootout. Mayfield fell in the shootout. 

Marcellinus ended up winning the title against Our Lady of Mount Carmel. 

As the girls hang up their skates, the school will see, linchpin’s, Emily Ignagni, Carly Gout, captain Lindsay Core and Reanna Todd graduate from high school this year. 

In this transition phase, Forbes will turn to Alyssa Borgati, Sydney Lynch and goaltender Megan Hancock to be the team’s backbone. 

It has been 10 years since Mayfield won it all and sooner or later, the trophy is bound to come back again. 



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