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Noble Toyz doubling in size to help ‘keep Boltonians in Bolton’

March 12, 2020   ·   0 Comments


As a collector and avid gamer himself, Derrick Noble took a chance to create a space in Bolton for residents of all ages to enjoy his store.

Noble started out of his home, selling products online and out of his garage while selling at various toy shows and conventions. When he realized how much enjoyment he got from uniting a collectible item with a highly excited owner, he decided to take matters in his own hands and find a space.

“It was almost like a hobby. When you’re a collector, you’re buying lots of items and you can sell stuff you don’t want. I enjoyed getting things for people. I love seeing a collector get a piece that they love, because I know that feeling of getting something you’re chasing after,” said Noble. 

Four years ago, opened up his first space on Healey Road. There, he stocked the shelves with toys and collectibles of all sorts for people to enjoy. But, as the years went on, Noble needed something new, so opened up even more space for his customers.

“We have a lot of regular clientele and there wasn’t enough exposure. Opening up in the first place was a chance, and it can be scary,” explained Noble. 

Noble Toyz relocated to 266 Queen Street South, where the space was more open and inviting and just the right fit.

But, something kept bugging Derrick, until eventually he could ignore it no longer.

“One thing that always bugged me about what I hear from some of my customers, that play Pokémon or YuGiYoh, etc. is they’re always driving to another city to play. Even though you’re going to pay five dollars ahead to play these games and participate in these tournaments, you’re going to spend anywhere from a half an hour to an hour driving there and back, you’re going to have spend gas money and time. I want to keep these people in Bolton. One of the main reasons for my expansion, is that we’re going to have game nights set up where you can play Pokémon, and all those games. I want to keep our people in Bolton.”

He added, “We need the space too. It’s getting pretty filled up already and we’re about 1700 square feet here, so we’re doubling our space.”

Noble Toyz has toys and collectibles for any age. From NECA action figures, comic books, tons of funko pop’s, which are a huge hit in the toy and collectible market right now.

“We do items for ages one to 100, no word of a lie. We have vintage stuff, like vintage video games. A little bit of everything,” said Noble. “If someone comes in and makes a suggestion, we listen to our customers. We listen to suggestions from the people, because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who keep this place going.”

Noble Toyz is located at 266 Queen Street South #4, and can be contacted at 905-252-5644. 

Check out the Noble Toyz Facebook page for more information. 



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