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Western Financial Group expands into Ontario following Orr & Associates purchase

February 13, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Western Financial Group is an insurance provider based in High River Alberta, and has provided security to Canadian’s for 100 years within 179 locations. Through affiliation, Western Financial Group has recently made its way to Ontario through local insurance company, Orr & Associates.

Western Financial Group is on a business quest to expand their insurance services all across Canada. This acquisition with Orr & Associates is one part of the expansion into Ontario, totalling a number of 11 offices in the region. 

Orr & Associates was established in 1912 where it went through several owners until Gordon Orr took ownership in 1984. Gordon’s son, Ken, then purchased the agency from his father eight years later and has been running it since. When Orr purchased the agency in 1994, he changed the original company name to Orr & Dew Insurance Brokers, to then Orr & Associates in 2006.  His business partner Keith Wilson later joined the agency a year later, in 2007.

Orr & Associates has two locations one in King City and in Schomberg with over 5,000 customers. 

On Feb 4, Western Financial Group announced the acquisition of Orr & Associates. 

“It is an exciting day to have Orr & Associates join our growing team,” says Kenny Nicholls, President & CEO of Western. “Orr & Associates have established themselves as an innovative leader in their area of expertise. We are happy to have them on-board with us helping Western to continue to expand our scope in the Canadian insurance market.”

The two locations of Orr & Associates became a part of Western Financial Group team effective on Jan 3. 

“As the insurance experts who create security and provide the right protection for all Canadians, Western is committed to expanding its physical presence across Canada and ensuring that Canadians get the best advice for their insurance needs,” said Nicholls. “Adding Orr & Associates to our team enriches our commitment to this.” 

The two agencies share similar impactful set of values in what protection is best for Canadians. Orr & Associates are dedicated to assisting members of the community through relationships and strong connection, and have proved that through history of community sponsorship and volunteerism. 

“Joining Western is the right fit for us as a group,” says Ken Orr, Owner of Orr & Associates. “We share common values and business interests and becoming part of the Western family will be beneficial for our people. We are looking forward to this new era for Orr & Associates.” 

Orr & Associates are excited to join the Western Financial Group team and to continue their work with protecting members of the community, and to continue to grow as an agency. 

“We are excited to work with Western to elevate our organization and people and to help support Western’s mission and vision,” says Keith Wilson, Owner of Orr & Associates. “Partnering with Western is a win-win and we are pleased to be part of the growing team.” 

For more information about Orr & Associates please, or check out to learn more about the Western Financial Group.



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