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Makers Market House a mecca of local art, specialty products

February 6, 2020   ·   0 Comments


As of this past Saturday (Feb. 1), a new local storefront is offering space for local artisans to feature their art and products, which can be sold to the local community.

Makers Market House allows artisans and entrepreneurs to rent space at the quant shop in Bolton to display and sell their goods. 

Bruna Nasso and Marilyn Pilolli spoke with members of the Town of Caledon to discuss their business, and what they do for the Caledon community. 

“Marilyn and I have always each had our own business and worked from home and we know a lot of people that work from home. So, we thought, why couldn’t we do something that brings everyone together,” explains Nasso. “It really comes down to the fact that small businesses or people just starting out can’t afford the overhead, one of us couldn’t do it without the other. We went out to see how many entrepreneurs and mompreneurs that we could gather before we even thought about signing the lease.”

Both Nasso and Pilolli are Bolton residents and have been for the past 16 to 20 years. 

Not only do they provide the space for local products to be displayed, but have an advertising wall for businesses and individuals to put up their information such as business cards and/or pamphlets that get posted on the Makers Market House social media for $30 a month. 

“We welcome any small business, doesn’t necessarily have to be handmade, anyone that works from home. The minimum anyone is here is two months – so the type of items sold may change throughout the year as vendors change,” said Nasso.

Nasso and Pilolli own their own businesses on the side of running the market house. Pilolli runs her own flower business called the Floral Boutique and Nasso prints edible images for bakeries to bring customized designs for different kinds of desserts. 

The purpose of the Makers Market House is to not only allow local businesses to gain exposure and allow the public to purchase their products, but to engage the community into shopping more locally. 

“It’s important for the community to keep the dollars here and support each other. A lot of people are leaving to shop, for certain things I do it too, but that’s the idea behind our store is to get more people shopping local, giving them the variety that they want and need,” explained Nasso. 

According to the Makers Market House website, “our mission is to pave the way for local entrepreneurs in the surrounding community. Our vendors support each other and their communities through promotion, encouragement and workshops!”

There’s nothing more important the people helping people within their own community. 

The Makers Market House is located at 196 McEwan Drive East, Unit 3 in Bolton.

For more information about the Makers Market House, please visit



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