Bolton Brewers getting set for start of upcoming baseball season

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It’s time to reach out and get ready for baseball, with the Bolton Brewers will begin training at the end of this month in Newmarket. 

True North Fieldhouse will be the set location for workouts with an open invitation to those who wish to give the Brewers a call and come out. 

There is no age limit in the Senior Division in the North Dufferin Baseball League. Everyone is welcome to play. Brewers player Stephen Warden is 42 years-old and shows no signs of slowing down.  

Heading into his 16th season as head coach of the Brewers, Mike Wallace, also participates in games. He led the team with five home runs last year. 

For this upcoming season there is a lot to be excited about the Brewers. The team finished second in the league last season, losing in the finals to the New Lowell Knights. 

Wallace shares what he is most excited about for this upcoming season. 

“This year I would say, our hitting. We’re kinda, amongst the top of the league in hitting. Definitely, the fact that we have a lot of young guys coming up on the team. Each year they’re getting a little bit better and better. It will be nice to see them take another step forward,” said Wallace. 

Players such as outfielder Chris Fafalios, Brett Chater and catcher Carter Burnside are amongst the upper echelon of hitters on the roster. These players will be returning to maintain the team’s offensive prowess. 

Chater led the team last season with 84 plate appearances and 38 hits. 

With great offensive statistics, Wallace is excited about two of his pitchers returning from injury. 

Pitcher Brendan Lyons is returning from his knee injury he sustained last season and Trent Barwick will be returning as well after suffering an injury late in the year last year. 

In three games played for Lyons, he pitched for seven innings and recorded eight strikeouts. 

As for Barwick, he played seven games, pitching for 31 innings and recording 21 strikeouts. 

Returning this season is ace pitcher Andrew White according to Wallace. White was undefeated last season in seven starts. 

“Whitey, he’ll be back. He has been our most consistent pitcher over the course of last season. It’s been him and Trent that have logged the most innings over the past few seasons for us. But yeah, he’s back and he’s ready to rock,” explained Wallace. 

One player Wallace hopes that will be ready to rock at the start of the year is Daniel Accardo, who tore is meniscus. He is one of the young players here that Wallace is intrigued to see how he develops under his wing. 

With a 25-man roster set to be named in May, there is plenty of time for players to make their mark on the squad and for new players to be a part of the system. 

For more information ahead of training at the beginning of the month, contact Mike Wallace at (416)-735-6111. 



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