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Town of Caledon launches online tree seedling store

January 9, 2020   ·   0 Comments


One way to give back to the environment and to help keep towns green is by planting trees. 

According to Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) planting new trees improves the health and care for properties and communities by increasing value to properties, increasing forest cover, helps reduce greenhouse gasses, attracting and creating new spaces for wildlife, improves air and water quality and so much more.

The Town of Caledon has created an easy, and accessible platform to purchase tree seedlings by opening an online store. 

The Town has formed a 2020 Tree Seedling online program to give back to the environment, with the help of the community. The program was initiated in 2002 and since an estimated 185,372 trees have been distributed and planted all across Caledon.

This program has partnered Forests Ontario and purchases through the Tree Seedling Program will to their 50 Million Tree Program. 

Forests Ontario is a non-profit registered charity tree planting initiative that provide educational programs, and events that connect communities as well as the youth with an understanding the wellbeing of our environment and forestry.

“We are proud to be partnering with Forests Ontario to increase tree canopy in the Caledon area,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “This program offers the dual benefit of reducing the local impacts of climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, improving local air quality, and contributing to broader Provincial-wide goals.”

The 50 Million Tree Program is an Ontario-wide program for land and property owners to work towards creating more forestry in Ontario. 

“The 50 MTP is better and more accessible than ever,” said Rob Keen, CEO of Forests Ontario on the Forests Ontario website. “The new, expanded criteria opens the program to more land and property owners, meaning more trees in the ground. It’s a win-win for landowners, who save on tree planting costs, and for the environment.”

The online store will have potted trees and bundled seedlings available including:

• Ten types of potted hardwood species which include: Red Oak, Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Red/Silver Cross Maple, White Birch, Black Cherry, White Oak, Black Walnut and Bur Oak

• Three types of softwood seedling species which include: White Cedar, White Pine and White Spruce. The minimum order is one bundle which contains 10 seedlings.

The online store is currently up and running and will be accepting orders until April 27. The trees will be available for pick up on May 16. 

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