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Caledon Community Services takes you where you need to go

January 9, 2020   ·   0 Comments


Transit has been non-stop improving for Caledon residents. From the new Bolton Line that launched in November, to bus Route 38 sticking around for residents to get to where they need to go. 

Caledon Community Services have unveiled a new transportation program to serve members of the community that require assistance with travelling to medical appointments, support groups, school, employment, volunteer programs ran by several member of staff as well as volunteers. 

The service is aimed to residents of Caledon between the ages of eight and 59 years of age. 

“It’s great at connecting the various communities across Caledon, and connecting to existing bus routes and cross border points of connection,” explains Donna Cragg, Director of Communications and Development. “It’s really designed to help Caledon residents get around.”

CCS provides two different transportation services. There is transit for seniors and those living with disabilities, as well as for those who attend Caledon Community Services events, programs and services. The transportation service for those aged 8 to 59 pick up and drop-offs was launched in Oct 2019. 

“Because of the way funding flows through a municipality with a municipal partner, it took a while to get everything up and running. There’s just so much going on in transportation across the Region,” explains Cragg. “The nice thing about our transportation and the Towns transportation, we can extend theirs. Our transportation is Caledon-wide. And it’s for pick up in Caledon but we can actually drop people off at border points and stuff like that, but the picks up are all within the borders of Caledon.”

CCS Transportation Services provides well in access of 30,000 rides annually. 

“It’s really focusing on helping people get to employment, youth to get to after school opportunities, volunteer opportunities, community programs, really connecting the Caledon community, letting people take advantage of what is available across town,” says Cragg.

Caledon Community Services Specialized Transportation service allows seniors, or those 16 years of age or older who unable to drive by themselves, run errands and get to where they need to be. 

Both services are accessible and convenient, running seven days a week for residents. 

Criteria to be eligible to access the new transportation program is as follows:

1. Ages 13 and 59 without a disability and can travel independently

2. Ages of 8 to 12 who do not require a car seat, without a disability and can travel with parent/guardian 

3. Must be a Caledon resident

4. Registered in a Caledon Community Services program

5. Riders who are traveling outside of Caledon via cross boundary transfer stops

6. Travel without a mobility aid

For more information about CCS Transportation Services, please visit



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