What’s on your wish list?

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At this time of year our focus is often on the kids, whether our own, the grandchildren or friends, nieces, nephews…you get the idea. But today? Today I want to talk about what’s on your wish list and perhaps, if you’ll allow me, what’s on mine. I’m thinking of writing a letter to Santa expressing my keenest desires but I’m fairly certain by the time I’m done, there are better odds of Santa bringing me a unicorn than any of these humble wishes coming to fruition. A girl can dream. 

One: I’d like a Premier who actually goes to work, maybe even for longer than a week or two at a time. You know, maybe someone who works like many of us do – forty hours a week at minimum and often, in excess of that, without the benefit of overtime pay. What do we have instead? A Premier who worked the statistical equivalent of less than half a year.  After 5 months off over the summer, he returned to work for about 6 weeks in total and is now on holiday again – for two months! Must be nice.

Two: I’d like a settlement to be reached before teachers are forced to go on strike. Well – I mean a “longer than a series of one day strikes” that is. Of course, for that to happen, points number Three and Four will have to be addressed immediately and that doesn’t sound likely given that even the mediator has walked out of recent talks.

Three: A Premier that values the work that teachers do and who doesn’t want to “cap” any potential wage increase at one per cent while giving some other government worker friends of his an increase of 14 per cent on their already exorbitant salaries.

Four: A Premier who understands how significantly classrooms have changed over the last decade. How valuable and important special needs support staff are and how a class of 25+ students at virtually any age is an unworkable number. Children will get lost through the cracks. Classrooms are becoming like our own personal version of Survivor but the consequences of getting voted off the island will be lifelong.

Five: Political Leaders in general who don’t: wear blackface, try to manipulate justice and/or the Attorney General, or who fail to understand that holding dual citizenship, potentially denying LGBTQ++ folks their right to marriage (at least) or whose party exists for the sole purpose of breaking up our country, all make one ill-suited to hold a leadership position and most certainly ill-suited to lead our lead our government.

Six: That similar to that infamous episode of Dallas all those years ago, we’re going to wake up one day and find out the Trump era was nothing but a bad dream. A really, really, bad dream. A “bigly” bad dream!

Seven: That Canadians will develop the ability to remember, from one winter to the next, how to drive their damn cars in a snowstorm. It’s Canada. It’s winter. It happens (surprise, surprise) every year and usually around the same time. You can kind of count on it – predict it even. So why the heck can’t many of us remember how to drive in the stuff. Slow down. It’s pretty much that simple. Oh wait! Actually, clear the damn snow off your vehicle too!

Eight: That First Nations people will get fresh, safe, potable drinking water. Because it’s 2020. Oh and also, because it should be a basic human right – shouldn’t it?

Nine: That at least 9 out of 10 people (particularly the corporate people, the money people, the selfish people) will believe the 10 out of 10 scientists (and a 14 year old Canadian and 16 year old Swedish girl) who KNOW that climate change is real and will actually start to do something about it. Before we go the way of the dinosaurs. 

Ten: That while you are busy complaining about long line-ups, the price of your Christmas turkey, the “lack of selection” available at your local Winners with just a few days left before Christmas – you will instead pause and reflect. Reflect on the fact you have two legs to stand on, that while your turkey might be pricy you know you’re buying one regardless and that your “lack of choice” would be considered bountiful in many, 

Many other nations around the world.  Frankly, all of this might also be considered bountiful for some families right here at home. Stop on your way home from the grocery store, take a donation of food to The Exchange or make a donation to CCS or another organization important to you and our family. As Charles Dickens once wrote: “for at this festive season of the year it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision…..because it is a time, of all others, when want is most keenly felt, and abundance rejoices.” 

Dear Santa; 

As much as I would like to have faith in humanity – I’ll take my unicorn in pink, purple and white with sparkles on her horn. 


Sheralyn Roman 



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