Hiking the Caledon trailway

November 28, 2019   ·   0 Comments


I moved to this area in 1969 from Montreal and as an avid outdoorsman and hiker, this is a wonderful place to call home. Since ‘69 I have hiked most of the Bruce trail, climbed Mount Marcy (the tallest mountain in the state of New York) in Lake Placid 3 times, and so much more. But I always find this Caledon Trailway to be such a great place to hike. It is very well maintained and I almost always meet very friendly people along the way. 

On Sunday November 24th I purchased the book “ The Caledon Trailway / Building The Dream “ by Diane Allengame.  This is a beautiful  depiction  of the trail and it’s history.  There are wonderful pictures dating back to when black and white pics were all there was. Caledon Trailway is part of “ The Great Trail “ which crosses Canada. The trail running thru Caledon was a CN rail line from 1878 to our centennial year, 1967. Then the rail lines were removed and thru hundreds of volunteers it is now a very well maintained trailway. And because it was a rail line, it is level and very easy walking and going thru forests, parallelling golf courses and crossing water courses, it is just beautiful. This is a jewel running right thru the middle of Caledon, from Terra Cotta to Highway 9.

Two months ago I lost my very best friend and mentor, aka my 93 year old Dad. I find now walking thru this amazing trailway almost daily helps me reflect how wonderful a life I had with my Dad and the solitude and beauty of this trail makes for a very therapeutic time for me. We should all be very very proud of our amazing trailway and very thankful and appreciative to all those who contribute to its success and beauty.

Brian Perras 

Caledon resident



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