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Dear Kyle Seeback,

Do you remember coming to my door in Shelburne? I had stated that I was leaning towards a vote for you unless something crazy happened?

Well, guess what?!! Today we received in the mail a form letter, from you, addressed to my Mother-in-law.

Nothing special about that other than the fact that she has been dead for over 2½ years!!! My wife and I were appalled and wondering where you got her name from. She lived in Brampton and was only staying at our residence during the course of her cancer treatments and actually resided back in Brampton for the last months of her life! The only institutions aware of this were her bank and the hospital. Hard to believe you’d get names for a mailing list from them!?

I honestly wonder how you can be trusted to be “a strong voice for Dufferin County” (your words!) when you try to solicit votes from people that, either don’t even live in the County or, for that matter, are even still alive! Shame!

Mike Noel

Shelburne resident



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