An accident just waiting to happen

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As a local resident and driver of these roads for the past 50 years, I have to say I am seeing something that is very scary and what I believe a very bad accident just waiting to happen. 

I drive Highway 10 up and down the mountain almost daily as I go between Mayfield and Orangeville. And coming down the mountain it is like the Indy 500, with so many vehicles in the fast lane wanting to go faster than those bad drivers who choose to drive in the fast or passing lane at a slower speed. That is another problem all of it’s own. 

But the biggest problem with what I am seeing is these vehicles in the fast lane right on the bumpers of the car in front of them are fully loaded gravel and dump trucks of all sizes and combinations. 

And these are not the Grahams & Jimmy Dicks of the trucking industry, but rather they are the independants. And I always smell a very strong smell of burning break pads and burning clutch plates, so this tells me these drivers are not experienced in bringing such loaded vehicles down such a steep grade.

 The real scary part is any day now one of these big rigs is going to loose it’s break or clutch and then the collateral damage will be inevitable. 

I am not sure what is the answer here, and I certainly can’t tell if any politician is like minded as all they are doing is throwing each other under the bus and no one seems to be telling us what they will do for us. It was that horrific head on crash on the forks of the credit where 8 teens were killed on Mother’s Day 1995 when our past Mayor started Road Watch. 

Any suggestions for the Hot Wheels tearing down the mountain everyday would be great.

Brian Perras


Focus on arthritis

There are 6 million reasons why arthritis needs to be a healthcare focus during this federal election: that’s how many Canadians live with chronic pain, restricted mobility and fatigue from arthritis in their daily lives.

I’m joining the Arthritis Society in challenging each party to commit to the following:

– Ensure all Canadians have access to medicines they need by providing a national pharmacare program that gives equitable access to a broad range of medically necessary treatments at an affordable price, wherever you live in Canada.

– Stop taxing medical cannabis and make it available through pharmacies. Medical cannabis IS medicine, and should be treated the same as other medications.

– Help reduce joint replacement wait times by increasing the Canada Health Transfer. Arthritis is the cause of most joint replacements. Provinces struggle to provide these surgeries in a timely fashion. Increasing the Canada Health Transfer will help Provinces ensure people don’t have to wait in unnecessary pain.

By committing to these actions, the parties can show their support for Canadians living with arthritis. To learn more visit: www.arthritis.ca/FedVote2019.

Sara Papasodaro




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