Season premiere of ‘This is Caledon’

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Like the TV show, This is Us, today’s column is called “This is Caledon” because of all the drama. I mean drama in a good way though. The kind of Caledon drama I’m talking about includes our very own “Fifty Shades” – of tree colour! What did you think I was talking about? It’s also about pumpkin patches bigger and better than anything you’ll ever see in a Charlie Brown movie. Speaking of TV and movies, did you know that Caledon is often used as the backdrop for many a movie shoot and that The Food Network recently visited, featuring one of our very own local businesses on their show? Fall is magnificent in Caledon for reasons we previously spent one entire column discussing. Now, in this “episode,” we continue to rave about all things Fall in Caledon. The only thing we won’t be raving about – far too many drivers, both residents and visitors alike, who think our roads are a perfect excuse to recreate scenes from the Fast and Furious movies. 

I’m hoping you had a chance to stop by and visit Sean Davis and family at Davis Feed and Farm Supply and/or the Gallo Family of Campbell’s Cross this past sunflower season. Not only did their beautiful fields of gently waving “sunshine on a stalk” provide magnificent photo ops, each family chose to donate a portion of admission fees to support charitable endeavors. We think that’s something pretty special. If you missed out, there’s still time to visit Campbell’s Cross on weekends this fall and enjoy a Pumpkin Spiced Cannoli or Davis Farms for either their pumpkins now or Christmas trees in December. 

Just a short (and not fast and furious) drive away, you’ll find the quintessential epi-centre of the Caledon farming community, as iconic a location as Field of Dreams was to farming and baseball, Downey’s Farm Market. The pumpkin patch here served as the backdrop for my own kids Fall photos every year from birth til they were old enough to say “Enough!” and no amount of bribery could make them pose with the pumpkins any longer. Downey’s offers not just “the patch” but a giant corn maze too. Reminiscent of the Batman movies, look for the Bat Signal in the sky as your guide because this year’s maze theme is Batman! There are also farm animals, a marketplace and for those “in the know” something else that’s iconic: Downey’s pumpkin donuts. Delish!

Looking for something a little more “grown up?” Stop by The Badlands Brewing Company on a Saturday afternoon. Unlike the movie Badlands, there’s nothing bad about Badlands Brewing. They describe themselves as “a small, scrappy crew” making beer on a farm. We suggest you take your “grown-up crew” for a visit ‘cause the Badlands crew is making some pretty good brew. While you’re in the area, you might as well also visit the actual Cheltenham Badlands, a natural wonder that’s a bit like what you imagine life on Mars might look like. While it might be tempting to keep an eye out for Matt Damon or to assume The Martian was filmed here, instead we recommend you stick to hiking the trail and taking scenic pictures from the boardwalk. When you’re done exploring the great outdoors it might be time to head toward Alton. The Alton Mills Art Centre has something for everyone – might I suggest you start your holiday shopping early? The historic Alton Mill is home to a variety of artisans, galleries, a museum and there’s a café too. You can shop, browse, host an event there or walk the Outdoor Sculpture Garden. What better time to see art in the open than with the spectacular scenery of Shaws Creek and the Fall colours serving as the backdrop. 

Finally – if a little bit of history is your thing and you’ve always been a fan of movies featuring airplanes – consider a stop at the Great War Flying Museum located at the Brampton Airport (Brampton Flying Club.) I’ve been watching the huge variety of planes fly over my place for years and the museum is a great place to visit. It’s also fun to take the kiddos to just sit outside and watch the planes take off and land. If you get hungry, there’s even a restaurant on site! No epic airplane disaster movies here – just lots of great folks, great information and great fun for everyone. Be sure to visit their website before you head out as times for visiting do tend to change after the summer season ends. 

Dear residents of this wonderful place called Caledon, consider this article “Season Two” of This is Us. If you’ve got a suggestion for a place to include in a possible season three, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, like the song sung at the end of another TV classic, The Roy Rogers Show (before my time but I’ve heard the song!) “Happy Trails to You.” Just remember, like the song reminds us, “It’s how you ride the trail that counts” so leave your Fast and Furious feelings at home!



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