You’re not fooling anyone

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Just who do you think you’re fooling with the recent Editorials attacking the Conservative Party under the guise of an impartial stance on the Federal Election? 

You can’t disguise your pro Liberal bias by simply self identifying as a neutral paper and quoting another papers criticisms of the Conservatives. Behind the paper’s front page photo of Trudeau you pretend to take an even handed position on climate change but only elaborate in your criticisms of the Conservative platform.The worst you can say in clear praise for the Liberal platform is to quote another paper’s view that it will still fall short of global commitments. 

Last weeks editorial is an even bigger hoax under the guise of actually condemning media political biased endorsements, as you hypocritically go on to elaborate on the funding shortfalls of Scheer’s tax cut platform without a mention of a single Liberal platform deserving the same scrutiny. 

Nice try but no cigar.

David McWhirter

Caledon Resident

Campaigning 101

As I listen to promise after promise after promise from all parties, I always thought that those chasing the leader should make us aware of their platform, what they can do for us during the next 4 years. Just what they bring to the table. 

But the current government should not have to promise anything, but rather they should be reflecting back over the past 4 years and all the good things they did for us and how we are better now than we were 4 years ago, because of their policies and governing. 

Well we certainly now know Trudeau cannot do that as all there is in his rear view mirror is carnage as we keep reading more and more political disasters that he is responsible for. And he knows he missed the mark big time re: balancing the budget, as “It did not balance itself!”  and yet his promises seem to involve the biggest spendings going forward. 

Does every promise have to cost us? Deal with real issues and just govern properly and fix what isn’t working… And put our cheque book away!!!!

Brian Perras

Caledon resident 

An irrelevent opinion

Kira Wronska Dorward’s article on Mike Galloway’s sudden resignation included “something of an opinion” by Barb Shaughnessy, that Council “doesn’t go into an emergency meeting for a resignation”. 

That opinion, as happened so often when Ms. Shaughnessy was a Councillor, had to be corrected by Town Staff. Turns out the Council can go into an emergency meeting whenever the Head of Council  deems necessary. Whatever details are needed to be shared with the public regarding Mr. Galloway’s departure will be made available when Council decides.

Why the “opinion” of a former politician banned from serving on municipal government for the four years (for failing to file financial records from the last campaign) would be of interest to readers in Dufferin-Caledon is beyond me. In my opinion, Ms. Shaughnessy’s story no longer has a plot, the series has been cancelled, and no one wants to watch the reruns.

Skid Crease 

Caledon resident



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