Why I use self-checkouts

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Thecontribution by S. Roman ‘Help me ! It’s that time of year again’ was a superb piece of journalism, the humour of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Regarding reader Sandra Clarke-Forester’s letter on self checkouts at stores, I shall gladly answer her question as to why customers use the self checkout and don’t go to a ‘live’ cashier at Walmart, because even when there is no line-up:

a) The customer has to walk quite a distance to the cashier attended checkout as the store has strategically opened the two live checkouts at the far end from the self-serve ones, and the farthest from the food section.

b) A shopper may very well find that the customer ahead at the cashier is producing seven flyers with special offerings from other stores and claiming these lower prices, while the shopper and the cashier are rummaging through all of these flyers checking that the dates are current and the offer indeed for an identical article. 

That situation is really annoying to the extreme and totally unacceptable to me and probably many others. 

Wulf Graunitz

Palgrave resident

An Inmate Who Doesn’t Get Yard Time  

Are you kidding me ?  The story in Wednesday’s Toronto Sun about Judge William Horkins reducing the sentence to Joshua Lenz because he was being denied yard time. 

This is how ‘fubbarred’ our Judicial System has become and why I left Peel Police in 1981 after only 3 years of being a Peel cop. Once I realized how the judicial system worried about the rights of the bad guys and not the victims and the punishment never ever fit the crimes, and that was in the 70s and absolutely nothing has changed. 

And to you Judge, your good guy prisoner was re-arrested after you cut him loose as he failed to meet his probation conditions. These are bad guys, understand. Not the upstanding role model citizens their defence lawyers make them out to be.  Please stop allowing the inmates to run the asylums as they currently are.

Brian Perras

Caledon resident



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