Traffic – It’s a touchy subject

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Whether you’re left, centre or right, no matter your political stripes, an election is happening this year on October 21st. More importantly for Dufferin Caledon, another election is taking place prior to that date which will have a significant impact on the future of our community. The Honourable David Tilson has officially announced his retirement and as a result, the riding of Dufferin Caledon is a political hot spot right now with a number of political parties all vying to represent us at the federal level. One of those parties, the Progressive Conservatives, is also currently mired in a rather mucky campaign to replace Mr. Tilson and this has not exactly been without drama.  If ever there were a time to ensure your voice is heard in Ottawa – folks, this would be the year.

 Elections Canada advises that the turnout for our last federal election was around 68% – considerably higher than in 2011, the previous federal election where only an estimated 53% of voters made the time and effort to exercise their democratic right.  The number of young voters (listed as those between 18-24) who came out to the polls increased by about 18% and that’s good news. However, these results still leave over a quarter of the Caledon vote on the table. It means on average, at least 25% of eligible voters will not have their opinion recorded and with issues like the potential for regional amalgamation, major highway construction, infrastructure concerns, lack of affordable senior housing, greenbelt and development issues and more, that’s far too many votes to be left on the table.

 Researching candidates, the parties and their positions isn’t an onerous task when “asking” Siri or searching Google for information is literally available 24/7 with the simple push of a button. Granted for anyone trying to find information on the current roster of PC candidates (all riding candidates for the other parties have been determined already) I can tell you first hand that only one has responded to my request for further information about them and their platform. I’d love to share whom that was but unless you’ve registered as a member of the PC party (and did so prior to July 4th at 11:59pm) you won’t have a say anyway. For those that are registered – for goodness sake make sure you attend the Nomination meeting on July 31st and mark your ballots properly because as the PC’s found out the first time around, every ballot counts!

 In short my fellow Caledon residents, there is a lot riding on this riding! Dufferin Caledon needs strong representation at the federal level during a time of significant change. Representation that will work together with our dedicated municipally elected Town Council to help our riding effectively, efficiently and successfully navigate future growth and development. Don’t leave more than 25% of votes sitting on the table. Ensure your voice is heard. 



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