Running a deficit

July 11, 2019   ·   0 Comments

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When we run our household finances, we know we have to meet our financial obligations or we could loose the house or property and be out on the streets. So we do whatever it takes to stay in the black by managing all our expenses. If we end up burning the furniture to keep the fire going to heat the house to save money, (aka selling our assets) we know this is just a bandaid and the  inevitable will come soon. 

And yet we allow our elected politicians to do just that. I thought we passed a law making it illegal for a governing party to run a deficit, but then if we did, K/W would have got a life sentence. 

Isn’t it time we take back our cheque books and financial responsibilities and pass a law that any governing party, municipal, provincial or federal that runs a deficit must step down immediately after it is reported that they have a deficit. And as an ex cop, I have to say they would still be  getting off very easy.

Brian Perras



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