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Caesar’s Event Centre continuing under new management

July 4, 2019   ·   0 Comments


Back in January, new management took over Caesar’s Event Centre in Bolton, turning the glitzy facility into a family run business. 

 Caesar’s Centre is a banquet hall that’s primary focus is weddings, however, they also host conventions, corporate affairs, and many other events, as well as providing catering.

The hall is located on 8841 George Bolton Parkway, Bolton Ont. 

New owner, Joseph Carnival said, he doesn’t want to change the business and the only big change is a new room attached to the main hall that holds roughly 80 people. 

“I also changed the pasta sauce a bit to make it taste more naturally sweet,” he explained. 

The previous owner and Joseph Carnival have been friends for well over 20 years and used to work together and manage other facilities. Just last year, Joseph was offered to take over Caesar’s. And, with the help of his son Nick, 25, and daughter Selena, 21, they all run the business together. 

When Joseph was little, his dad bought and owned a restaurant and he used to help him out 24/7. When he got older he found a real passion for good food and managing venues 

“Once you’re in the business, it just kind of takes you over and there is nothing I have wanted to do since then, and that was back in 86,” he said. 

His kids also found a passion for catering and running banquet halls as they were growing up. Nick went to York University for business and now helps his dad run Caesar’s. And Selena went to Humber College for culinary and after graduation she became a certified chef through a specialty program in Florence Italy. 

Now, Selena is the head chef at Caesar’s. 

Joseph said, his son used to come with him to work when he was just 10 or 11 and started to become really fascinated with the business. 

Before Caesar’s, Joseph was part owner of Jewels Event Centre and has lots of experience managing banquet halls that fit 1200 to 1600 people.

“You know, any job is not really a job if you enjoy what you’re doing,” explained Joseph. 



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