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Metrolinx reveals GO Bus staying in Bolton until January 2020

July 4, 2019   ·   0 Comments


There’s no need to stress about commuting to Toronto, because Route 38 GO is continuing service in Bolton. 

On July 2, 2019 the Ontario government, through Metrolinx, will continue to operate the Route 38 GO bus service. Metrolinx will preserve the 38 GO for an interim period until January 2020. 

“This is a win for us, we were going to lose it completely and have nothing for a lot of riders,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. 

In Caledon and Brampton, GO bus riders will be able to take buses that connect with Toronto-bound Kitchener line trains at Malton Go Station at 6:46 and 7:46 a.m., and the return trip will meet afternoon trains at Malton Go departing union station at 3:35 and 5:27 p.m. 

The change in direction recognizes that Route 38 bus service provides a vital transit link to rural communities in Peel and York regions, which is something the Town of Caledon is looking to provide in the near future, said Metrolinx’s media relations and issues specialist Fannie Sunshine.

“These GO bus lines will operate until January 2020 when the Town of Caledon intends to have completed their procurement for a similar service,” said Sunshine. 

“I think at this point it is very important that we grow the service system and with our transit plan coming in September, we are really hoping we can keep the 38 GO after January,” said Mayor Thompson. 

He hopes that the Town of Caledon can keep the GO bus service past January 2020, however, Metrolinx said they need to see a constant 25 per cent minimum ridership if Caledon wants to keep Route 38. 

If Metrolinx finds that the town ridership from Bolton is not reaching the minimum of 25 per cent, then they will most likely cancel the go bus service completely. 

“With the Town of Caledon exploring similar service, we knew maintaining transit ridership was in the best interest of the people and the region,” said Phil Verster Metrolinx President and CEO. “We are always monitoring our services to ensure we are using our resources when and where they’re need most.” 

It was only last week when Town Council met and received a report from Dominic Pallotta, manager and project administrator at Go Transit, who said he spoke with Metrolinx and got them to revisit the cancelation and consider the reduced service. 

Mayor Thompson is hopeful that they can keep ridership at 25 per cent and grow the service system in the town of Caledon. 



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