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Cairns Roofing Ltd. is a long time staple in Caledon

June 6, 2019   ·   0 Comments


The Cairns family has been putting roofs over the heads of Caledon residents for 45 years now. 

“We enjoy serving the community and its residents as best as we possibly can,” says operator Sean Cairns, son of owners Doug and Carol Anne Cairns. 

The family owned and operated business began in 1974 under its first incarnation, Palgrave Roofing, and has remained in the exact same location through all its years of operation. Generally, says Sean, work begins “when snow longer sticks to the ground in the spring, and ends when snow sticks to the roofs in winter. But, he adds, “it’s about looking after the people around you, who support you,” says Sean of his family’s business. “It’s a seasonal job, but we do work all twelve months of the year for emergency service calls and repairs…we’ve also served in a lot of service clubs and supported local hockey teams. My father [Doug] was a long-time member of the Lion’s Club. We’ve been part of the community for a long time.”

Since the business became Cairns Roofing in 1981, Sean and his family have retained a loyal client base, and much of their business is based on referral and word of mouth throughout Caledon. Cairns offers all types of roofing services including; built-up, time gravel, flat roofing, synthetic slate, wood shingles, and rubber shingles (Euroshield). They also offer steel roofing and repairs. However, the majority of their work tends to be with asphalt shingles.

“I was born into the business, I’ve been around it for my entire life. I stepped away at one point…but came back to the family roofing business because I wanted to work where I live,” Sean explains. “That’s what I enjoy- working with the community I live in. I enjoy helping people solve their problems, referring other contractors and working as a network. We’ve got a really good contractor base in Caledon, a lot of good locally owned businesses.”

Sean and his company will definitely go the literal extra mile. “We generally travel anywhere for our clients and their families. If you have a cottage up North, we’d do it. I’d drive out to your mother’s in Toronto to do it…We serve the community as best we can as a small business, and that’s just what you do. Try to give back to the community as best you can.”



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