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Asset Management is a big buzz word in municipal government. The principles are about managing and planning our infrastructure so residents get the most value for their tax dollars. But how do you put a price on people? To me Caledon’s greatest asset by far are our Senior residents and here’s why.

 Older adults and Seniors are the largest demographic in Caledon and they represent the majority of our active community volunteers. During the 2015 Pan Am Games Caledon became the gold standard for volunteers with the largest turnout per capita and most of those were residents 55 or older. If you scanned our committees of council, community organizations and not for profits you would see that the majority of those who serve on them are older adults. Simply put, we just wouldn’t be the incredible community of communities we are so well known for, without our Seniors.

 Throughout the month of June there will be a number of events celebrating and marking Seniors Month. Caledon Library and the Caledon Senior’s Centre have great things planned for the entire month. 

On June 5th I’m proud to host our annual Seniors Day from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the Caledon East Community Complex, 6215 Old Church Rd., Caledon East. This event will feature informative and inspirational speakers with our keynote Tayler (Hap) Parnaby talking about the vital role of Seniors in a community. Free refreshments, giveaways, lunch and a jam-packed trade show make this the perfect way to spend the day.

 For more information or to register: caledon.ca/adult55 or call 905.584.2272 x7327



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