Investing in better mental health support for the people of Dufferin-Caledon

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Ontario’s mental health care system is disconnected and difficult for patients and families to access thecare and services they need. This leaves many vulnerable Ontarians to navigate a confusing system ontheir own and access mental health care only when in crisis. Many Ontarians wait too long for themental health and addictions services they need. This fragmented approach to care is failing Ontario’sfamilies and is simply not good enough.

I saw firsthand the challenges in our mental health care system when I served for 18 months on a selectcommittee looking into this very important issue. Christine Elliott, our current Health Minister, alsoserved on that committee.

During the election, we promised to make mental health a priority. That’s why our government isinvesting an additional $174 million this year to address the critical gaps in our system and supportpatients, families and caregivers in their communities struggling with mental health and addiction.

I’m very pleased to highlight that Canadian Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin is receiving

$2,375,700 from Ontario’s government as part of their recent investment. This funding will include

$700,000 dollars for Opioids Addictions Treatment and Services, $165,700 dollars in funding for Peer

Support Services and $1,515,000 dollars in funding Mobile Crisis Teams, which help police assist peoplein crisis.

We are focusing on adding more services on the ground – in schools, communities and health centresbenefiting thousands of Ontarians – including getting children faster mental health and addiction help inschools, providing people who are homeless with mental health and addiction issues with more housingsupport and providing those with severe mental illness better support through new mobile crisis teams,which will help police and other first responders better manage interactions with individuals suffering aserious mental health crisis.

Our government is committed to protecting what matters most to the people of Ontario by investing

$3.8 billion over the next 10 years to improve mental health and addictions services across Ontario.

Every part of our plan to end hallway health care, and build a modern, sustainable, and integratedhealth care system, starts and ends with people.

If you have any questions about the investment in mental health and addictions treatment, please callmy office at 1-800-265-1603 or visit www.sylviajonesmpp.ca. 

Sylvia Jones

Dufferin-Caledon MPP



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