Does Caledon belong in a Region or County?

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A major topic spreading around this vast town is the regional government review.

The Progressive Conservatives Government launched a review of eight regional governments of 82 municipalities. The Region of Peel, which consists of the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and Town of Caledon are among those analyzed. 

The review will reportedly look at governance, decision making and service delivery of the aforementioned jurisdictions.

Special advisors conducting the review met with Mayor Allan Thompson and Chief Administrative Officer Michael Galloway, where the Caledon dignitaries reiterated the Town’s strengths and regional contributions.

While some urban areas, such as Bolton, Caledon East, and Mayfield West boom in population, other rural areas such as Palgrave, Alton and Caledon Village have not seen an incline of newcomers to their communities.

Caledon is split between being a town that is a mix of urban and rural landscapes. It’s not one or the other, it’s a conglomeration of the two. Would it then make sense for the town to join hands with Orangeville and join Dufferin County or should it remain with Brampton and Mississauga in the Region of Peel? 

There’s a lot of farmlands and towns but there’s still plenty of urban centres on either end of the town. Is the town a more countryside municipality? It does share similar villages, agricultural and natural environments. Residents who live here choose so for its small, green, clean, safe and friendly communities and staying away from congested urban centres.

Caledon has services from the region, the county and by the province. Peel Regional Paramedics serve Caledon while policing is done by the Ontario Provincial Police and not by Peel Regional Police.

Peel District School Board governs public schools, while catholic institutions are looked after by Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. 

There’s an influx of services mixed by either Dufferin County, the Region of Peel, both or simply by the Province itself.

Shouldn’t there be one single authority delivering services to the Town either by the Region or County? Wouldn’t that make it easier to streamline services instead of grabbing bits and pieces from different jurisdictions.  

Even in politics, the town’s provincial and federal ridings, Dufferin-Caledon, consists of political representors overseeing both areas.

The Town is having an identity crisis with many not sure if it’s more urban or rural. It’s a tug of war affair of where the town belongs.



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