Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers’ present Where the Brass Bands Play

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Now celebrating a half lifetime of performances, The Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers’ closed their 35th season with the finale of “Where the Brass Bands Play” with a bang on Saturday, April 6. 

A British farce written by Geoff Bamber and directed by long-time Schoolhouse Director Kathie Maloney, this Canadian presentation drew on both its Caledon and British roots in the story of a man trying to reinvent himself, professionally and ultimately personally, in this situational comedy.

“The Brits like to export everything British,” commented Sheilagh Crandall, who plays the central role of Esme Golightly. “One of those things is amateur theatre to the ‘colonies’.” With nine actors in the cast from the Caledon community, and one English export, this year’s crew was a tightly knit unit, who performed with great good humour and sense of fun.

Maybe this year is just one of great chemistry, but the sense of comradery and good humour from the cast resonated with the audience and ultimately produced such a positive effect. “It’s just been a delightful year,” commented the director. “Everyone’s doing so well, and working together so well.” 

“It’s fun to perform, and it’s fun for the audience,” commented Director Maloney, who has been with the Schoolhouse since 1984. Producing one play a year with her team of local residents, the enthusiasm and playfulness of the cast really comes across and drew the audience in on the fun. Maloney says she could not have done it without giving credit to her Producer and Theatre Manager Peggy Dickey. “She does all the hard work,” says Maloney. 

Picking the play in the summer, auditions for the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers are held in the fall with rehearsals through the winter, making the season pass quickly for the cast.

Crandall, who has been acting with the troupe since 1997, put it succinctly from her many years of experience. “I think the most amazing thing about the Inglewood Schoolhouse performers is the support of the community. They come tirelessly, relentlessly, every year to support our amateur group. I’m not sure if that’s amateur with a capitol A or not, but it’s with big heart. Our community supports us unconditionally.”

Crandall originally become involved at the behest of her friend Director Maloney, who asked her to fill in a small role at the last minute. “As is always the case, the small parts that are promised are never small.” The great amount of work that went into putting on the production, from audio cues to ticket management, are incredible and serve to truly give the audience a sense of community spirit- down to ad-libbed comments about “farmers in Inglewood”. 

Although this season has come to an end, Mahoney encourages everyone interested to come forward next season. “I just hope people will come out and enjoy. Come, but have a good time.”

Crandall had the final comment. “Fools that we are, we just keep coming back.”

To become involved with future productions, please contact inglewoodperformers@hotmail.com or call 905-838-2874.



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