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Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers present new play

March 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Mediocre  and  philandering theatrical agent Simeon Gandalf has more than his share of trouble when he decides to cast his aspiring actress client in a production at the end of a seaside pier near a shabby guest house in the Inglewood Schoolhouse Performers’ upcoming production of  Geoff Bamber’s Where The Brass Bands Play.

Not only does he have to abide by the strict rules of the guest house operator who doesn’t approve of “hanky panky”—which is a challenge in itself—he has to meet all the incessant demands of the whining actress and deal with his straight-laced solicitor, while all the time taking precautions to ensure he isn’t killed or harmed by his estranged wife.

Directed by Kathie Maloney, the four-act British farce will be staged at the Inglewood Community Centre March 22, March 29, March 30, April 5 and 6.  Doors open at 7.30 pm, with show starting at 8 pm. Tickets are $20. 

A March 23 dinner theatre performance, which is a fund raiser for the Knox United Church, is almost sold out. But there are plenty of seats available for the other five shows.

The play marks the debut of newcomer Lynn Riley in the role of actress Louise Laverne, and the return, after several years’ absence, of veteran performer Marion Bell as an officious police officer.

Tickets are available at Caledon Hills Cycling (15640 McLaughlin Rd, Inglewood) or by calling (905) 838- 2874 or emailing



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