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Fire in Mayfield West causes $600,000 in damage

March 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments


A massive fire ravaged four homes in a Mayfield West subdivision. 

Caledon Fire Services reported to an incident where a blaze ripped through a garage of one of the homes on Breckonwood Street, near Dotchson Avenue and Portman Street on Thursday, March 7 at about 4 p.m.   

“One home was considered a total loss,” said Parm Chohan, spokesperson for the Town of Caledon. “The three remaining homes will need various types of repairs such as reframing, cosmetic repairs and water damage repairs.”

The homes are suiated near a new development called Strawberry Fields near Kennedy Road and Highway 410.

They were unoccupied and incomplete therefore no injuries were reported. The builder of the site, however, estimated total damage was about $600,000. Caledon Fire advised the builder to contact the homeowners.

Upon arrival, Caledon OPP officers blocked nearby streets to traffic as crews from Valleywood, Cheltenham, Inglewood and Caledon East raced to contain the fire from spreading. Brampton Fire and Emergency Services provided aerial support. Peel Paramedics were also on scene.

“Crews focused their attention to the surrounding houses,” said Chohan. “This included a direct attack followed by a protective water curtain. This technique is used to cool down the affected homes.”

Fire crews went inside each home looking to see if there was anybody inside, while checking to see if there was any fire in other areas of the house. Firefighters searched throughout the basements and into the attic. 

“There was no drywall in the homes, just the framing, therefore this incident accelerated quickly,” said Chohan. “Crews were able to prevent the fire from spreading. The home that was originally on fire was extinguished, and further checks were performed for hidden fires and hot spots. Smoke was also cleared from neighboring homes.” 



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